Groupe Média TFO, an Ontario-based French-language public media company, is an essential destination for audiences seeking innovative educational and cultural content in French, at the vanguard of digital learning. As a leader in the production and broadcasting of Francophone educational resources, TFO creates and distributes cross-media content to francophone and francophiles communities in Ontario, Canada and abroad. TFO also operates Idéllo, which provides education resources and content in French, curated for educators, parents and children.


When the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly shut down schools and businesses in March 2020, the Ontario Ministry of Education created a portal to support 2 million students and 135,000 teachers and educators all over Ontario and Canada. Groupe Média TFO was chosen to launch Le Camp TFO en Famille, an initiative implemented to support Francophones and Francophiles across Ontario and Canada while schools were closed. To complicate this challenge, TFO employees were all shifting to a remote work model just as the need for new content was accelerating.


At the heart of Groupe Média TFO’s initiative is the Idéllo.org platform, which was designed to help parents in the best possible way. It includes nearly 12,000 educational resources and offers intelligent, fun, reliable and safe content collections for all ages. With its digital presence of over 2 million subscribers and 25 social media accounts, TFO also helped make these resources more accessible to a greater number of parents and teachers, regardless of location, which was more important than ever during this period of social distancing.


Traffic from the Ontario Ministry of Education portal generated a sudden spike in traffic (57% spike @TFO.org; 18% spike @Idéllo.org), which had the potential to slow down and stall delivery of critical education content across TFO’s channels.


“As a result of COVID-19, we had a very short turnaround to support the Ministry of Education’s learn at home initiative and play an important role in the move to online learning with our rich collection of educational videos. As we reached an unprecedented number of visits on our sites, we were hit with massive growth in bandwidth. Thankfully, our CDN infrastructure was built on Limelight, so we were not only ready, but we were also able to expand the initiative nationwide to support as many families and students as possible.”

MICAËL N’GORAN, Director, Solutions and Optimization, Groupe Média TFO


Limelight has provided the private CDN backbone to support TFO’s organic growth since 2011. Because TFO had already built a solid infrastructure with Limelight, it was able to quickly respond to the challenge posed by the pandemic and to expand its customer base across all of Canada—not just Ontario.


The Limelight Video Platform gives TFO a fast and intuitive way to manage and distribute online video at scale to media devices everywhere. It’s integrated with Limelight’s global CDN and provides easy integration with third-party video players, as well as access to updated self-serve options, APIs, Network and POP upgrades, all supported by a dedicated Limelight Solutions Engineer and Account Manager.


The spikes in traffic and viewership that hit TFO, overnight, were unprecedented. With Limelight, TFO was able to deliver a high-quality viewing experience to users on multiple devices across Canada.


TFO Case Study Chart


Limelight has helped TFO grow its audience and manage the tremendous demands of serving all of Canada during a global pandemic. Plans for creating new family-oriented content and a reading app are slated for the coming months and TFO is well-positioned to meet the needs of educators, families and children as Canada navigates uncharted territory.