StreamOn, a radio broadcaster, updated its workflow and improved delivery by 30 seconds


Delivering Broadcast Quality to an Online Radio Audience at Scale


A Brand Name CDN and Cloud Storage Provider With Geographic Reach and Best Performance

As the traditional radio audience began to move online in droves, one team of broadcast industry veterans saw the need to revolutionize the way audio is delivered. They looked to the world’s largest private CDN to get it done right.

In 2002, StreamOn was born: an Internet Radio solutions provider that provides over 300 broadcasters with tools, technology and strategies to engage an online audience and generate meaningful revenue on social media.


With StreamOn, broadcasters can deliver live and on-demand content anywhere, any time, integrating ads and analytics for maximum exposure. Their plug-and-playappliance allows radio broadcasters to instantly deliver content to an unlimitedaudience of Internet listeners. Because the appliance does not require engineering expertise to operate, StreamOn’s customers can focus on what they do best: producing great radio. And listeners can access their content through a sleek browser-based interface, without downloading additional software or applications.


“Suppose you own a traditional FM radio station,” says Andrew Snook, Chief Technology Officer at StreamOn. “All of a sudden you can store a full history of all your live broadcasts in the cloud. When you want to publish online, just drag and drop a clip into your playlist, add a picture and post it to a social media network.” From there, online audience members can click to hear the clip of the show, then the player seamlessly reverts back to the live radio station. With StreamOn, broadcasters can easily monetize content, increase ratings, and drive revenue.

StreamOn’s Challenge: Delivering Broadcast Quality to an Online Radio Audience at Scale

In order for StreamOn to deliver on its brand promise to provide “stress-free online streaming solutions” to radio broadcasters, it had to consistently deliver a smooth, uninterrupted listening experience to its audience. Since the company’s inception, the CEO has been adamant about delivering broadcast quality; any audio they stream has to be as clear and consistent as it would be on a traditional radio frequency.


Chief Technology Officer Andrew Snook’s team looked to the market for a solution, but in the end found that they had to create their own. “We needed something that would give our customers broadcast (FM) quality without the complex workflows traditionally associated with it,” he explains. The team developed its core hardware offering, a proprietary appliance that connects seamlessly with a radio broadcaster’s existing infrastructure. Client radio stations struggled to reach StreamOn’s central server, relying on inefficient public Internet routes.


In order to serve and grow its own customer base, Andrew’s team needed more than an appliance; they needed a reliable content delivery partner with brand name recognition and great performance to deliver content from it. Moreover, their existing cloud storage solution was proving to be a hassle. Multiple steps to upload content, coupled with slow delivery, stood in the way of the stress-free streaming solutions that StreamOn sought to provide.


“We needed something that would give our customers broadcast quality without the complex workflows traditionally associated with it.”


“Enabled by the Limelight Orchestrate platform, we are able to revolutionize the way that our services are delivered and turn audio streaming into a thriving business model.”

ANDREW SNOOK, Chief Technology Officer at StreamOn

StreamOn’s Solution: A Brand Name CDN and Cloud Storage Provider With Geographic Reach and Best Performance

StreamOn needed a unique combination of storage and delivery features to deliver on its value proposition:

High performance

How could StreamOn deliver FM quality to online listeners? Andrew’s team needed a solution that would dramatically reduce delivery latency.


It would be unacceptable for StreamOn customers to go offline; their service provider had to offer a high availability SLA and reliable performance.


Radio content can go viral at any moment, and StreamOn needed elastic bandwidth to manage unpredictable traffic flows.


To enable broadcasters to monetize and repurpose content, StreamOn had to offer an enterprise grade cloud storage solution that mapped easily into existing workflows.


StreamOn was seeking the peace of mind that comes with a dedicated support team that can provide expert assistance around the clock.

Limelight Orchestrate for Media and Broadcasters: Seamless End-to-end Content Storage and Delivery

StreamOn selected Limelight Orchestrate for Media and Broadcasters based on the unique combination of storage and delivery features and seamless end-to-end workflow. “Limelight exceeded all of our criteria and we are very pleased with the result,” says Andrew Snook. “We have recognized tremendous business benefits from partnering with Limelight.”


What is the impact of Limelight solutions on StreamOn's business?

Operational efficiency

Both StreamOn and its customers benefit from the simplified workflow that Limelight offers. From upload to analytics, the process is streamlined to reduce the cost of online publishing and allocate valuable resources to more strategic priorities.

Stable audio streams

Because Orchestrate Cloud Storage can ingest and stage content locally from everywhere in the world, StreamOn can ensure high availability and increase the speed of delivery. Uptime has increased and content is now available 30 seconds faster than it was with the previous storage vendor.

Brand credibility

Leveraging Limelight’s reputation, StreamOn can now expand its business model to service major broadcasters and group stations, who are assured that they will receive the highest quality of service (QoS) from the world’s leading private CDN.

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