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A leading antivirus company trusts us to deliver their software to millions of users worldwide.


Meeting the Demand for Publishing Security Updates to Millions of Customers Every 4 Hours


Switching to Limelight Content Delivery and Cloud Storage services

Sophos Finds a Scalable Global Delivery Partner with Limelight Networks

As modern networks have grown more complex and the number of different types of devices that connect to those networks has increased, the solutions designed to protect organizations from security threats have grown in complexity as well. For nearly 30 years Sophos, headquartered in Oxford, UK, has been developing solutions that not only protect its customers' networks, end users and data from threats, but that also take the complexity out of IT security. Sophos' philosophy is "simple security is better security," and today the company helps protect over 200,000 organizations and over 100 million end users in 150 countries from a wide range of security threats.


Sophos analysts monitor and research potential threats from around the globe as they happen. SophosLab facilities in the UK, Australia, Hungary, and Canada collect data and respond to new threats 24/7/365. They draw upon multiple data points—millions of emails, URLS, files—that come into the labs each day to develop new security definitions in real-time. In order to keep pace with downloading security updates, Sophos realized they could no longer serve their growing customer base from their own network.

Sophos Challenge: Meeting the Demand for Publishing Security Updates To Millions of Customers Every 4 Hours

Ten years ago as their simplified approach to automatically pushing out security software updates to their customers gained popularity, the Sophos Operations team adopted the use of a content delivery network (CDN). Today, Sophos publishes security and identity updates every 4 hours, 365 days a year to tens of millions of endpoints; an impossible task without a CDN that is scalable, reliable and fast.


To meet Sophos’ needs for its growing business and the increasing complexity of providing leading IT security solutions, Sophos evaluated its CDN requirements and decided it needed a change. The team began by pulling together a short-list of potential vendors to evaluate. Based upon their research and Industry Analyst recommendations, Sophos decided to enter into an extensive proof of concept (POC) and trial engagement with Limelight Networks.


Limelight’s technical team made it possible for Sophos to easily test every scenario they could think of. They were looking for a CDN partner who:


Could reliably, securely and rapidly distribute 400-500 TB/month of software updates around the globe


Provided the robust reporting and logging capabilities that allowed them to track software versions and gain intelligence about how their customers were using their products


Ensured seamless delivery in the background, especially when traffic peaks at 40GB/second


Was responsive to support inquiries and easier to do business with


Over a series of months, the Sophos Operations team was convinced that making the switch was the right decision.

“The sad reality is when you do your job well, a CDN is much like plumbing — it just works! The data flows along the CDN and operates without interruption. So far that has been our experience with the Limelight Networks CDN.”

ALASTAIR POOLEY, VP Data Centre Operations, Sophos

Sophos Solution: Switching to Limelight's Delivery and Storage Services

Alastair Pooley chose the Limelight Orchestrate Delivery and Storage services for many reasons, including:

Extensive testing

Sophos was able to prove that Limelight’s Orchestrate solutions combine the services, architecture and infrastructure they needed to move their software updates from the cloud to their customers, consistently, securely and reliably.

Seamless migration

During the trial period the Sophos Operations team recognized that Limelight understood exactly how they wanted and needed to use the CDN, and the migration was flawless.

World-class customer support

Before and after implementation, the Sophos Operations team worked closely with the Limelight pre-sales engineers and experienced the superior level of support they desired, but did not receive from their previous CDN vendor.

Global reach and scale

With Sophos customers spread out around the globe, they take full advantage of Limelight’s global private delivery network in order to successfully complete their software updates within their aggressive every-4-hour window.

Cost containment

Limelight’s Orchestrate Delivery and Storage solutions scale on demand which provides a much more attractive cost model.

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