Opsomai's growing media platform is enabled by the Limelight CDN


Meet the growing demand for delivery of content around the globe


Seamless integration with Limelight's Content Delivery Platform for the scale required to meet demand

Opsomai: Leveraging the Value of a Connected World

Opsomai, headquartered in Paris France, is a leading provider of Media Asset Management platforms. With over 15 years of expertise supporting archiving and audiovisual production, its Web 2.0 software, Opsis Media, helps video archive holders, production companies and large corporations leverage the value of their audio, image and video assets.


The popularity of the Opsomai platform, and the growth in the adoption by large corporations, led Opsomai founder and CEO David Clemenceau to look for ways to expand their ability to scale globally. “Over the past few years we have seen the growing use of video by our corporate clients. These corporations who typically have offices throughout the world, want to communicate using video with their remote offices,” said David Clemenceau. “With this type of traffic doubling each year, we looked to Limelight Networks to seamlessly expand our delivery capabilities around the globe.”

Opsomai Challenge: Meet the growing demand for delivery of content around the globe

Customers began requesting that their remote offices and clients be able to watch the master media assets hosted by Opsomai from anywhere in the world, and that executives’ interviews could reach thousands of employees at the same time. Opsomai quickly realized they needed to find a new CDN provider who could deliver the global unlimited bandwidth and streaming capability they required, but flexible enough to seamlessly connect to the vast video libraries already hosted by Opsomai. They were looking for a solution that would complement what their customers were demanding:

High performance

As demand for access to media libraries increased, Opsomai quickly out grew the capabilities of their incumbent provider. They needed a solution that met the demands of medium to large corporations, as well as TV stations around the world.


When clients access and download large media assets, Opsomai needs elastic bandwidth to handle spikes in demand.

Cost containment

Provide the lowest cost of delivery possible with the least amount of disruption to the infrastructure already in place.

Access to experts

Opsomai wanted a support team to collaborate with in order to maximize and enhance media delivery for their clients, with the help of emerging technologies like Dash.


“We were looking for a CDN provider with a deep understanding of the video streaming market who would complement the services we already provide, as well as a delivery partner who can help us grow our product offerings in the future. We found all this and more with Limelight Networks, and look forward to working together well into the future.”

DAVID CLEMENCEAU, Opsomai Founder and CEO

Opsomai Solution: Seamless integration with Limelight 's Content Delivery Platform for the scale required to meet demand

Greater business flexibility

Limelight's pricing model compliments Opsomai's established business model.

Seamless implementation

Incorporating Limelight services proved to be simple, non-disruptive and cost-effective.

Global Reach

Instant access to content on Limelight’s global private network consisting of strategically located POPs around the word.


Limelight understands why meeting the demand for superior online video experiences benefits Opsomai’s customers, as well as their bottom line.

Trusted Vendor

As a growing company, Opsomai was looking for a technology partner who could support additional service offerings already outlined on their new product roadmap. They found the Limelight team not only knowledgeable, but also willing to collaborate.