Microscan Computers uses Limelight's Orchestrate Platform to deliver OTT content to customers


Delivering Broadcast Quality Video Content Globally, Including OTT Content to Remote Locations


The Limelight Solution for Media and Broadcasters – Content Delivery and Cloud Storage Services

Microscan Computers Uses Limelight’s Orchestrate Platform to Deliver OTT Content to Customers Worldwide

Microscan Computers is a leading provider of telecom and wholesale bandwidth services to enterprises and consumers in India. In addition, Microscan offers managed services such as a Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) for IT, telecom and Media Services Management. Its Skandha Media Services brand specializes in global media and over-the-top (OTT) services.


Microscan Computers has a substantial investment and presence in the region with its extensive fiber optic network, Tier 4 datacenters and point-of-presences in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune and other strategic locations within India. The company caters to a large customer base that includes long distance telecom operators, internet service providers, cable TV multi-service operators, triple play services, power companies, corporations, government organizations and many others.


In the past 3 years, Microscan Skandha Media Services has begun offering international OTT services to subscribers in Australia and New Zealand with plans to expand into the U.S., European Union, Africa and Asia Pacific regions.

Microscan Skandha Media Services’ Challenge: Delivering Broadcast Quality Video Content Globally, Including OTT Content to Remote Locations

Microscan Skandha Media Services needed to live stream more than 200 Indian TV channels around the globe through its OTT service. To do this with broadcast quality, they needed a global CDN that can deliver content to any digital device.


“Linear TV services are the primary means of entertainment for most of the Indian customers in both India and internationally. For expatriates, viewing Indian live channels is their key medium of entertainment and helps them stay connected to their roots while in the foreign country.”


“With better internet penetration and bandwidth globally, we’re able to cater to the increasing demand for OTT content by delivering to any devices and homes around the world.”

YOGESH SALIAN, Founder, Microscan Skandha Media Services

Microscan Skandha Media Services’ Solution: The Limelight Solution for Media and Broadcasters – Content Delivery and Cloud Storage Services

With the company’s global growth, demand for broadcast quality video, and increasing bandwidth needs, Microscan Skandha Media Services chose the Limelight Orchestrate Platform for its:

Global Scale

As more developing countries are entering the digital marketplace, Microscan Skandha Media Services has to ensure stable service to remote locations and be able to handle bandwidth needs that are increasing daily. Limelight makes it possible to deliver broadcast quality experience globally to OTT users.

Multi-device Media Distribution

The company’s end-users have many types of devices on which they want to view videos. Limelight enables consistent delivery of broadcast quality video at any time and to any device across the world.


To deliver on-demand videos to millions of viewers with minimal latency and no pixilation, Limelight gives Microscan Skandha Media Services a high-performance cloud storage solution that allows content to reside as close to its audience as possible. Additionally, Limelight Cloud Storage provides the ability to store and deliver set-top box patches and updates globally. Limelight provides real-time recording and storage on cloud for 150 channels with average capacity of 300TB.

Live TV

Limelight enables more than 150 live channels streamed flawlessly and consistently from India to Australia and New Zealand region.


Microscan now offers subscription and free VOD services through a combination of platform and CDN caching and storage.

Customer Support

Having a strong team ready to help solve any challenges faced is important to Microscan. Limelight’s support team works constantly to quickly solve any issues they may face.

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