Increase capacity, reliability and spread risks


Limelight’s CDN service due to its reputation, competitive pricing and top performance


Magine delivers some of the world’s top TV brands directly to consumers and partners with content creators and distributors to facilitate barrierless distribution through their integrated global network, the TV Superhighway. The company began operations in Sweden in 2012 as a global streaming platform. In 2013 Magine launched its first consumer service, Magine, and in 2016 began providing TV and VOD streaming services for telecom and TV operators in global markets. Magine offers content owners and distributors a host of multifaceted support and solutions to help them set up an OTT service on a proven platform. Content owners can also add their content to their global network to connect with local distributors in every territory.


The Magine operations:

  • Magine Digital Media (MDM) offers end-to-end OTT solutions to players in the global TV market. MDM’s customers are located in Europe and US as well as in emerging markets such as China, the Middle East and South Africa.
  • Magine Consumer Group (MCG) currently consists of the streaming services Magine and Plejmo, which are established in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.
  • Magine Media Investments (MMI) invests in new content and concepts based on streamed video.


Magine was working with a CDN and over time noticed it had limited capacity in Europe. This became all too clear during a broadcast of the World Cup in Rio when a critical outage occurred. It was time to increase capacity, reliability and spread risks by switching CDN providers and strategies.

"The CDN is a vital part of our distribution chain and we expect a high quality of service. Limelight has a solid track record and we have not been disappointed in any aspect."

KLAS AHLIN, Head of Service Operations, Magine


Viewers on Magine’s own consumer OTT services and its B2B customers expect a high-quality experience every time for the high volumes of VOD and livestreamed content they deliver around the world. To ensure greater levels of availability and performance, Magine decided to implement a multi-CDN strategy and built its own routing protocol and process to look at CDN performance by each region, the quality of streams, costs and reliability.


The company’s online TV service, Magine is the missing link between traditional broadcasting and the rapidly evolving app-based and online viewing habits that now dominate the market. Magine own consumers services delivers live and on-demand content to over 1 million users across five major European markets through their cloud-based streaming platform.


Limelight’s CDN service was chosen due to its reputation, competitive pricing and top performance in their internal testing. Limelight’s CDN consistently delivers low buffering and high-quality streams, performing highly against Magine’s internal benchmarks. This has resulted in higher satisfaction for customers and a competitive advantage for Magine.



With global clients and audiences, Magine needs to know content can be delivered virtually anywhere.


Delivering high traffic event such as major sports matches requires the ability to handle large spikes in traffic volumes. No one wants to miss a game-changing play during a sporting event!


Magine delivers high volumes of traffic, so they pay extremely close attention to the total cost of delivery in the industry and find Limelight’s pricing competitive.