Kronen Zeitung

Limelight's Video platform provides scale, analytics and ease of use for Kronen Zeutung, Austria's largest newspaper


Make it easy for non-technical journalists to manage the production process to get videos online.


The Limelight Video Platform

The Kronen Zeitung, commonly known as The Krone, is Austria’s largest newspaper with almost three million readers out of Austria’s total population of approximately eight million.


As a large publisher with roots in the print world, Krone has seen the media landscape evolve rapidly. Their biggest editorial challenge is to accelerate the production of news stories without compromising their high journalistic standards.

Krone’s Challenge:

The news business has largely moved online and requires modern journalists to learn new production competencies. Krone extensively publishes written and video stories and needed a way to make it easy for non-technical journalists to manage the production process to get videos online. Every second counts when it comes to publishing timely news content. It’s extremely important in this business to be first with publishing content to reach a wide range of audiences.

“We needed a single partner to help us with delivery, encoding, hosting, encryption and more. Limelight offered the best solution. It can handle everything for us while being easy to use for our journalists. Plus, we needed a professional partner for upcoming solution challenges. In both cases we found the perfect partner in Limelight.”


Krone’s Solution: The Limelight Video Platform

As Krone expanded over-the-top (OTT) video content, they found the Limelight Video Platform could help them with their workflow and content as well as grow with their expanding content and business.


Important features of the Limelight Video platform for Krone’s needs include:


As Krone’s online content libraries and audiences are rapidly growing, they need a scalable Content Delivery Network (CDN). Since August 2013, their volume of videos played has grown more than 600 percent.


Detailed analytics are crucial for Krone to be able to monetize content. They need the ability to track metrics such as users’ behavior and how many times a video is played to accurately charge their partners.

Ease of Use

Reporters need to be able to upload videos directly, and it must be easy for them to learn how to do so.

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