ICV Digital Media

ICV scales online video delivery for B2B clients globally


Reliably Delivering Live Content That Exceeds Client Expectations


Select a Content Delivery Network (CDN) Vendor with High-touch Support and Global Reach

Success in Delivering Online Media Is All About the Technology and Talent

The insatiable demand for live online events continues to grow and ICV Digital Media (ICV) is positioned to meet it—today, and well into the future.


For more than 25 years, ICV has provided a unique mix of customized media services to corporate clients around the globe. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, ICV’s technicians utilize state-of-the-art technologies and Limelight Networks’ reliable content delivery network to produce business-to-business content all over the globe.


The company offers a variety of services, including town hall and conference webcasting, corporate e-learning solutions, video production, and web development. ICV uses proven technology to support digital content development and distribution for clients spanning industries from medical and pharmaceutical to online retailers and high tech.


Over the years, ICV has evolved as advancements have been made in video, web, and media technologies. Today the company augments these technologies with its own software solutions that include a live webcasting platform, corporate media management tools, and specialized web apps.

ICV Digital Media’s Challenge: Reliably Delivering Live Content That Exceeds Client Expectations

C-Level executives have experienced improved communication capabilities and reduced costs when using live webcasting services. So much so, that many companies, especially global organizations, now depend almost exclusively on live webcasting as the vehicle for sharing timely corporate communications.


To be successful in the business of online video delivery, reliability and consistency are paramount. Failure is not an option when streaming live events—whether it is an all-hands meeting, corporate media event, or the simultaneous webcasting of multiple conference presentations.


Continuously looking to drive new trends, adapt technology and keep its clients engaged, ICV looks for new and innovative ways to build value into its offerings. The company partners with technology vendors that add value, listen to its feature requests, and collaborate..


“We are a service company, and when things work as they should, it is a seamless experience for our clients. Our goal is to be the resource our clients never have to worry about. Our offerings are flexible, customized solutions that help our clients build, market, and monetize their businesses online.”


“For the past 10 years, Limelight’s knowledgeable staff has been reliable and responsive. We couldn’t do what we are doing without Limelight Networks.”

DARREN ANGUS, Founding partner of ICV

ICV Digital Media Solution: Select a Content Delivery Network (CDN) Vendor with High-touch Support and Global Reach

As ICV Digital Media continues to evolve, so do its clients’ expectations. About 10 years ago ICV realized it needed a new CDN provider that offered the highest level of reliability and real-time support. If there are hiccups setting up a live event, ICV needs to know someone in customer support will pick up the phone—something its previous CDN vendor did not do. ICV was looking for a solution that offered:

Reliable support

ICV needed a support team it could collaborate with and depend on when it matters most: in real time.

High performance

ICV needed a CDN that could keep up with demand and meet clients’ expectations for flawless delivery.

Lower costs

ICV was looking for a cost model that was in alignment with its own.


ICV needed elastic bandwidth and the ability to deliver live and on-demand client content, globally.


In order to help clients deliver and monetize content, ICV needed a high performance cloud storage solution that allowed content to reside as close to its audience as possible.

Limelight Orchestrate TM Delivery and Storage: Global Content Delivery and Expert Support

Over the years, ICV has utilized the services of more than a half dozen CDN vendors. When the company finally met the vendor that would support the requirements of its expanding offerings, the search was over. ICV chose Limelight Networks to replace its incumbent provider.

Reliability, consistent delivery

In Limelight, ICV found a global partner to consistently deliver content to anyone, anywhere in the world, on any device.

Scalable, global reach

Limelight’s secure, private network scales to meet ICV’s client demand without impacting delivery performance.

Trusted partner

As its product offerings were positioned to grow, ICV sought a partner that would listen to its product requirements, and follow through on product commitments of its own.

High-touch support

Access to expert customer support is imperative. ICV knows that Limelight will be available if something goes wrong during a live event, 24/7/365.

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