Hope Channel International Leverages Limelight Networks Live Stream and Video on Demand for Global Content Delivery

Hope Channel is a Christian lifestyle television network with 68 channels covering Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and the islands of the Pacific. Programs on each channel are created for the local culture and broadcast in over 80 languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, German, Romanian, Mandarin, Russian, Tamil, Hindi, Ukrainian, Arabic, Farsi, and Telugu. The content is available on DirecTV, cable, satellite, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, as well as online and via an app on Apple and Android devices.

Hope Channel’s Challenge

Hope Channel needed to simplify their live streaming workflow complexity while meeting the demands of audiences for a high-quality viewing experience on their choice of devices.


In order to sustain growth but not drive up costs, Hope Channel was looking for a CDN partner that offered greater flexibility. In particular, instead of paying for a package of entitlements where they only used some of the functions, they wanted the freedom to build their own value-add functions on top of a robust global platform.

“We had one of those ‘Eureka!’ moments when we realized we’re ‘paying rent’ for features we don’t use. Limelight was able to meet our unit rate and give us exactly what we need. As we look to the future, we see that our viewer experience is becoming highly curated. Because 90% of our traffic is on our Live Stream, we are looking for ways to repackage our VOD content into themed linear live channels. We’re also seeing a shift to app and mobile for OTT. Having Limelight as our single vendor CDN gives us an advantage and positions us to quickly respond to changing viewing habits on a global scale.”


Hope Channel’s Solution:

Limelight’s team worked closely with Hope Channel to get a clear picture of their global traffic metrics, giving them the true cost transparency they lacked from their previous vendor. Using this data, Limelight then provided a single vendor solution to deliver a high performance CDN with a video management platform, giving Hope Channel a more customized overall solution that addresses their specific needs.

Today, Hope Channel is leveraging the Limelight Video Platform (LVP) and MMD Live. MMD Live handles all live video formatting tasks, and provides streaming to smart TVs, desktops, mobile screens, and set-top-boxes.


Providing content in more than 80 languages requires a video platform to manage and distribute online video globally. LVP was chosen because its integration with Limelight’s CDN simplifies the workflow, provides complete control of video files, and collects audience engagement analytics data to show how many people watch each video and their engagement time, valuable information for future planning purposes.