GameOn Co., Ltd. is one of the largest online game publishers in Japan. It offers online gaming licenses for customers to play on PCs, smartphones and tablets. The company was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.


GameOn wants to provide the highest quality and stable online experiences so that users can enjoy their favorite online games at any time. To do so, GameOn sought a high performance and scalable delivery infrastructure.


For maximum scalability and top performance on any connected device, GameOn selected Limelight as its primary CDN as part of a multi-CDN strategy. The company also uses Limelight Origin Storage Services to optimize game delivery.

In addition to the function and performance as a CDN service, we have selected Limelight as a vendor to comprehensively evaluate support capability, reliability, and provide immediate correspondence with senior engineers in order to realize our need for a multi CDN strategy

MINAKI NIIYAMA, Team Leader, Network Team/Infrastructure Group, Technical Department

In addition to Limelight’s CDN service, we use Limelight Origin Storage Services which together gives us the extremely fast upload speeds our customers expect.

KAZUHIRO IKEDA, Network Team/Infrastructure Group, Technical Department


As graphics improve and new games are released, file sizes are increasing but users still expect to have fast download experiences. Limelight makes it easy for GameOn to handle increased files sizes and major traffic spikes during the release of a new online game.


With a multi-CDN strategy, GameOn can switch traffic instantly among different CDNs to ensure maximum performance and no downtime.


GameOn stores its content using Limelight Origin Storage Services, which allows content to be accessed by any CDN, automates workflows, and provides high-availability and fast delivery.


With Limelight’s SmartPurge, GameOn can easily delete content globally in seconds.


Limelight’s Advanced Service team includes engineers who work closely with GameOn to evaluate their needs, provide recommendations and solve any challenges that may arise.





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