Gaitame, Ltd. uses Limelight CDN and Origin Storage to increase performance and reliability to deliver flawless online seminars


Increasing Performance and Reliability To Deliver Flawless Online Seminars


Limelight’s Orchestrate Platform and Origin Storage Services

An Important Sales Tool for Gaitame.com: Online Seminars

Established in 2002, Gaitame.com Co., Ltd. provides online foreign exchange margin trading (FX) services for individual investors. The company which got its start at the dawn of FX, is known for its expertise as a long-established FX specialist business, its low fees, and robust systems. Today, it is one of the biggest FX companies in Japan in terms of number of accounts and assets under management. In addition, since 2004 it has been holding seminars for investors across Japan and online.

Gaitame.com’s Challenge: Increasing Performance and Reliability To Deliver Flawless Online Seminars

Currently the company holds approximately 130 different online seminars a year, reaching more than 52,000 participants in total. With the FX market growing, there was a significant increase in demand for its seminars. However, Gaitame.com had outpaced the capabilities of its technology platform and needed a new solution to keep up with demand and provide the online seminars.

Gaitame.com’s Solution: Limelight’s Orchestrate Platform and Origin Storage Services

In 2007, Gaitame.com decided they needed a content delivery network (CDN) to ensure high-quality, stable delivery. “In an online seminar, even a few seconds of video or audio loss is unacceptable. If the feed is interrupted for 20 or 30 seconds, users will start to think that they can’t even trust the online services of Gaitame.com,” said Ozawa.


Limelight’s robust infrastructure for stable content delivery was the answer to this challenge. Limelight’s extensive network provides high-speed delivery of content from anywhere in the world and has the capacity to allow Gaitame.com to easily continue growing its business.


Ozawa describes the decision-making process, “We compared and considered several CDN services. The CDN service which gave us the high-quality and stability we were looking for, with superior cost-performance, was the solution from Limelight.”


Additionally, to optimize for digital distribution of previously recorded content, Gaitame.com implemented Limelight’s Origin Storage Services. Together with the Limelight CDN they report that content delivery is now as stable as a real-time face-to-face seminar.


The most significant reasons for Gaitame.com selecting the Limelight solution include:


As demand for seminars increases, Limelight’s network can seamlessly handle the traffic growth.

Attentive customer support

When Ozawa or a member of his team encounters an issue or new challenge, they know they will get a quick response and timely information.


Each interaction with customers is an important brand impression. To build trust with customers Gaitame.com recognizes it’s important that each online experience must be flawless. Limelight provides them the ability to offer seamless online experiences.


By placing its library of online seminars in Limelight’s Origin Storage Services, they’re able to provide customers the content they’re looking for quickly and efficiently.