Limelight's CDN speeds content to the right hands, in the right format for any device


Providing Timely Communication Globally


Limelight's Global CDN

ENGIE’s Challenge: Providing Timely Communication Globally

As a major global energy provider with more than 150,000 employees including subsidiaries in multiple countries, it can be difficult to ensure timely and consistent communication. For years ENGIE has leveraged on-demand video for internal and external audiences, however the workflow was lengthy and unreliable which at times delayed content availability. Adding to the complexity, their library had grown to approximately 10,000 videos equaling over 30 terabytes of storage.

ENGIE’s Solution: Limelight's Global CDN

Having worked with Opsomai in the past, a leading provider of Media Asset Management platforms based in Paris, ENGIE turned to them in search of a more reliable, faster solution for their video delivery. Opsomai recommended Limelight's content delivery network (CDN) as the best solution to stream ENGIE’s vast library. Orchestrate speeds content into the right hands, in the right format for any requesting device, at the right time. Through Limelight’s secure private content delivery network, ENGIE is able deliver a faster and higher quality video experience.


With Limelight’s CDN, ENGIE gained:


ENGIE needed to know they could deliver video content over its intranet, on the company’s Web TV, and over their external websites quickly to be able effectively communicate with 150,000 employees and external audiences at a moment’s notice.

Improved workflow

Before switching to Limelight Networks from their prior vendor, it could take hours to get video online and viewable. Working with Opsomai and Limelight, ENGIE significantly simplified their workflow and sped up the publishing process, reducing time to get their videos online to under an hour.


Protecting their digital content is extremely important to ENGIE. With the MediaVault feature, which provides integrated support for URL tokenization, they are able to protect all of their videos so they can’t be accessed by unauthorized users or shared outside of the company’s intranet. Additionally Limelight’s SSL technology provides encryption for files in transit on a global scale.


Now ENGIE is able to give all its audiences access to videos from anywhere in the world and is able to deliver the same quality experience even in the midst of a sudden traffic spike.