DIMOBA Revolutionizes Live Online Multiplayer Quiz Games

DIMOBA is a French start-up that helps companies optimize digital content and strategies. DIMOBA provides a platform that takes video streams and makes it possible for audiences to engage directly with content and play live games. They’re the creators of Bethewone, a 24/7 quiz app tied to a live daily show that offers cash prizes. Bethewone features an innovative new user experience where people play massive multiplayer live games online.

DIMOBA’s Challenge:

DIMOBA set out to create a new interactive live experience for quiz games on mobile devices. to succeed, it was critical to build an infrastructure with low latency that could handle live-streamed video, had a global reach, and could scale quickly.

"The quality of streaming video is incredibly important to our business. Limelight not only offers us the lowest possible latency, they’re continuously working to improve it even further."


DIMOBA’s Solution:

DIMOBA chose Limelight’s Content Delivery and Video Acceleration Services as key elements in the infrastructure for Bethewone for the following features:


Fast Performance

The Bethewone app and live-streamed show must have low latency in order to provide a high-quality user experience with minimal delay. Using Limelight, DIMOBA currently has an ultra-low latency of just 4 seconds and the Limelight team is working with them to reduce it to under one second.


Customer Support

The local Limelight customer service team works closely with DIMOBA’s IT Team to understand their needs and help them to deliver innovative online experiences.


Global Reach

The Bethewone app first rolled out in France and will be available worldwide in the near future. Limelight’s CDN is built on a global, private backbone network, which makes it easy for DIMOBA to deliver live interactive content anywhere in the world.