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Learn how the aggressive global launch of the OTT service "CuriosityStream" was pulled off in this exciting case study.


Create an affordable streaming service where viewers can watch curated nonfiction programs about science, technology and significant historical event


The Limelight Orchestrate™ Video platform


CuriosityStream is an over-the-top (OTT) on-demand, subscription-based streaming service, launched by John Hendricks, the Founder of the Discovery Channel and former Chairman of Discovery Communications and led by his daughter Elizabeth Hendricks North, to deliver premium factual programming in the areas of science, technology, civilization and the human spirit. With more than 1,000 programs accessible on-demand and ad-free productions – with additional titles added every day – CuriosityStream features documentary shows and series from the world’s leading nonfiction producers, including the BBC, NHK, ZED, Terra Noa, and Flame Distribution. The service is available worldwide in standard and HD resolution streaming, with 4K slated for spring 2016.

The Challenge:

CuriosityStream wanted to create an affordable streaming service where viewers can watch curated nonfiction programs about science, technology and significant histor ical event s. In addition, they wanted v iewers to be able to access the content from any device, anywhere in the world. This is especially complex given the proliferation of new devices and new formats.


“Between tablets, peripheral plug-in devices like Roku and Apple TV, native smart TV applications, smartphones, and tablets, the streaming hardware market has never been more fragmented,” said Peter North, chief digital officer for CuriosityStream. “It’s a significant challenge to support the wide and ever-growing array of consumer electronics and accommodating the rapid hardware and software evolution of each individual device. Limelight helps us deliver video in the ideal format to each of these competing but inherently different streaming platforms.”

“CuriosityStream aims to entertain, inspire and educate the community of the curious around the world. Our streaming service features high quality video content on topics and events that really matter. Choice is a focal point of our platform; subscribers can watch CuriosityStream on the topic and device of their choosing at any time or place.”

PETER NORTH, Chief Digital Officer for CuriosityStream

The Solution: The Limelight Orchestrate™ Video platform

CuriosityStream chose the Limelight Orchestrate Video platform because of the following benefits:

Integrated Video Platform

When looking for a CDN, CuriosityStream sought a single solution that addressed their video and content delivery needs to avoid integration issues. The Limelight Orchestrate Video Platform provided this plus dedicated support for video.


Being a brand new service, the ability to scale their CDN to meet increasing streaming and storage bandwidth needs was extremely important to CuriosityStream. This is critical to their success as their subscriber base is growing 20 percent weekly.

Multi-device Media Distribution

CuriosityStream viewers watch programming from wherever they choose, some even start in one place on one device and finish in another location on a different device. Limelight transmuxes the content to allow CuriosityStream to easily work with any Internet connected device including Roku, AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV, desktops, tablets, smartphones and everything in between.

Global reach

CuriositySteam wanted to quickly become a leading streaming service around the world, so they needed a CDN vendor that could reliability and consistently deliver their content globally. Limelight’s CDN – the world’s largest, global private network for digital content delivery with more than 80 points-of-presence (PoPs) – was a major factor in the selection process. The service was rolled out in a full global launch available to anyone around the world with access to the Internet.

Detailed analytics

Being naturally curious, actionable analytics are critically important to CuriosityStream. Limelight’s analytics can be combined with CuriosityStream’s mobile and website analytics and provides insights such as what types of content is most viewed, and in what countries they are growing fastest.

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