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CoachGuitar provides a fast, flawless experience to customers who download its app--3,000 times per day


Handling increased global demand for tutorial downloads


Limelight Orchestrate Delivery and Storage services – Partner with a leading content delivery network (CDN) that provides optimized global content delivery

CoachGuitar Delivers Lessons That Help Customers Play Like the Pros

Most young app development companies dream of being selected a “Best App” on Apple App Stores worldwide. It was a dream come true for CoachGuitar. This three-year old company, based in France, offers a unique method of teaching guitar enthusiasts of all skill levels how to play their favorite songs. Using the visual guitar teaching app, millions of students from around the globe download video tutorials and learn to play along.

CoachGuitar Challenge: Handling increased global demand for tutorial downloads

Fueled by becoming a featured app, CoachGuitar recently exceeded 3 million downloads. Their typical traffic of 2000-3000 downloads per day recently surpassed 40,000 downloads per day. In addition, their customers’ experience and ability to learn demands that there is no type of lag or delay in the video. “Thank God we had Limelight behind us!” said Antoine Mercier, chief product officer at CoachGuitar. “We were able to handle this tremendous spike in traffic without worry.”

“We are happy to position Limelight as a valued partner when speaking with our customers. Limelight takes the worry out of delivering the best experience possible to our audience. We have more customers and happier customers because of Limelight.”

ANTOINE MERCIER, Chief Product Officer at CoachGuitar

CoachGuitar’s Solution: Limelight Orchestrate Delivery and Storage services – Partner with a leading content delivery network (CDN) that provides optimized global content delivery

To accomplish their growth strategy, CoachGuitar needed a CDN provider who could help them deliver high quality video and expand into new markets around the world. They chose the Orchestrate™ Delivery and Storage services for many reasons, including:


After being named a “Best App” on the Apple App Store, their traffic expanded exponentially. When traffic spikes occur, CoachGuitar needed elastic bandwidth to manage unpredictable demand.

Global reach

Using Limelight’s CDN they were able to enter new markets and gain new customers, especially in the UK and APAC regions. This was an important expansion goal for growing the company.


With a library of over 300 lessons, they have a storage solution that serves up tutorials in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

High performance

CoachGuitar’s primary customer demographic of 18-35 year olds has very little patience for long download times. Any type of delay in streaming video would impact their business and customers’ ability to learn.


CoachGuitar was looking for a company that could support them in the long term as they expand their offerings. As a growing company, they wanted an established partner who is open to exchanging ideas and offering advice.

Multi-device distribution

CoachGuitar’s app is available on iOS and Android platforms so they needed a global partner that can consistently deliver content to anyone, anywhere in the world, on their device of choice.

Data Sheet: Limelight Content Delivery Services

Delivery of any kind of digital content—video, images, files, music, games, websites—to virtually any device, anywhere in the world.

Data Sheet: Limelight Cloud Storage Services

Designed to provide a highly durable storage platform with high-performance upload and delivery for all content types, providing high availability and pay-as-you-go cloud storage capacity.

Case Study: Napster

Limelight Orchestrate Content Delivery and Cloud Storage services power Napster, the first paid online music subscription service.