Top global sports data provider Betradar chooses Limelight's CDN for speed, support, and scale


Provide clients with the most comprehensive and high-quality products along with a fast and reliable content delivery experience


Limelight Content Delivery Services

Top Global Sports Data Provider Betradar Chooses Limelight’s CDN for Speed, Support, and Scale

Betradar is a global leader in understanding and leveraging the power of sports data. Betradar’s Live Channels are dedicated live streaming products for online and retail bookmakers. The company provides 24/7 global streaming services, supporting more than 30,000 sporting events per year.


To continue expanding globally, Betradar must provide clients with the most comprehensive and high-quality products along with a fast and reliable content delivery experience.


As some video delivery technologies advance, others may recede—which means that video streaming services can find themselves in the middle of a technology transition. This is the case with Flash/RTMP, which while being phased out and replaced by new standards such as MPEG-DASH or HLS, is still relied on by many streaming services. In order to support clients who are in the process of transitioning from Flash, Betradar required a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that both understands that clients may need the time to transition and supports them through the process. In addition, they are growing globally and require a CDN that can scale with their needs.


“Until recently, we were almost solely operating in Europe. Now we have expanded to Latin America and have plans to grow into Africa. We needed a CDN that offers fast performance and higher scalability to meet our increasing traffic demands. Shortly after implementing the Limelight CDN, we realized that streams were 1-to-2 times faster than with the former service provider.”



With Limelight, Betradar found the CDN partner who understands its varied content delivery needs and who will offer continued support of RTMP while they assess and implement new technologies. In addition, as an always-on streaming service, Betradar needed a CDN that was reliable, flexible, and could be implemented without interruption. In fact, Betradar had no downtime during the implementation of Limelight.


No matter what they need, Betradar knows their Limelight team is there to support them.

Reliability and Scalability

As Betradar enters new markets and grows globally, Limelight provides the infrastructure needed to seamlessly scale its business. In fact, within two months of using Limelight, traffic increased 350 percent.

Flexible Pricing Model

Betradar found Limelight’s pricing structure to be reasonable and flexible to best fit their needs and budget.


The number one requirement for Betradar clients is speed of delivery