Limelight Helps AnyClip Launch Record-Setting AI Event Viewership


AnyClip is a video data and technology company revolutionizing the digital video industry with tools, insights and services for media companies, marketers, businesses and brands. Using patented AI analysis and deep video content data, AnyClip’s Luminous Platform tools and players challenge traditional, manual-data-powered solutions by using automation to support more efficient and effective video strategies.


In order to grow their service platform to provide video distribution, management and monetization services to an increasingly diverse market of media companies, brands and businesses, AnyClip needed a content delivery partner capable of reliably delivering enriched video content to digital video audiences around the world. AnyClip also wanted to offer its customers the ability to live stream on-line events globally in a cost-effective manner, while at the same time enhancing the traditional viewing experience.


“We’re seeing a seismic shift that calls for new solutions and experiences that will allow the full value of online video -- including virtual events -- to be realized,” says AnyClip COO, Asaf Dan. “Within this context, Limelight has helped us to deliver high-quality video experiences both on-demand and live. With their global infrastructure and support, we are ready to offer our partners the required tools to support a holistic video strategy, which is in today’s world the most powerful way to engage with audiences before, during, and after live events while also maximizing the benefit for event sponsors.”



Limelight’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) had been securely delivering content for AnyClip’s primary markets in North America and the EU for 6 years. With new challenges to solve, AnyClip decided to add in Limelight’s Multi-Media Delivery Live (MMD-Live), which makes it easy to transcode live video streams into multiple bitrates, execute on-the-fly transmuxing into different formats, and record live events for easy playback.


The addition of Limelight’s MMD-Live gave AnyClip the technical capability they needed to expand their business model to include support for live virtual events. They were able to secure a partnership with a major tech innovator and helped their new client produce a live event with record-setting viewership. With AnyClip’s holistic video distribution strategy with long-tail VOD hub, the client’s event viewership increased 24X compared to prior events. This event was widely regarded as the “The AI event of the year for business executives,” and was the first all-virtual presentation of the client’s annual conference.


With Limelight, AnyClip was able to offer its client a truly robust virtual experience, including:

  • ■ Live Streaming of each day’s program using AnyClip’s editorial video players.
  • ■ An always-on video hub page, powered by AnyClip’s Luminous Watch technology.
  • ■ Use of AnyClip’s AI-driven editorial recommendation player to surface conference content to audiences before and after the show.
  • ■ Data-powered engagement features that enhanced video experiences, lifted exposure and increased conversion rates for sponsoring brands.