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Live Interactive Global Streaming

Limelight Realtime Streaming Delivers the Fastest Interactive Streaming Experiences

Case Study: Betclic

Delivering content seamlessly and handling large traffic surges during major events such as the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro Championship.

Case Study: Authentic Gaming

The tricky part of our business is the installation of the devices, but with Limelight, distribution is a piece of cake.


As viewers continue to consume more video content online, their expectations for a broadcast-quality viewing experience continue to rise.


Limelight Realtime Streaming brings online viewers into the live action

Delivering Interactive Online Experiences

Convert viewers to participants with Limelight Realtime Streaming


China’s vast audience of more than 700 million internet users offers tremendous growth opportunities for companies around the world.


Blog Post: Limelight and Ericsson: New Content Delivery and Edge Cloud Partners

Blog Post: Limelight Expands Developer Toolkit

Case Study: Toppr

As Toppr’s business grew to 2.5 million students and 8,000 videos, it needed a solution to improve the user experience and deliver videos of lessons as fast as possible.

Data Sheet: Limelight Edge Compute Services

Blog Post: Limelight and Linode: Partners in Edge Computing

IBC 2018 – Limelight Introduces Realtime Streaming

Customers react to Realtime Streaming and the value of working with Limelight

Limelight Realtime Streaming at IBC 2018

Global live streaming with less than one second of latency.

Blog Post: Limelight Realtime Streaming Takes Centre Stage at IBC 2018

Blog Post: The State of Online Video 2018

Viewership Is Up While Consumer Expectations Rise

Market Research: The State of Online Video 2018

The State of Online Video is Limelight Networks’ latest in a series of surveys that explore consumer perceptions and behaviors around digital content

Blog Post: Scaling Realtime Streaming to Reach Global Audiences

This blog will focus on technical aspects, such as scaling, redundancy, resiliency, and robustness.

Blog Post: Creating Interactive Social Experiences that Increase Viewer Engagement

This blog will focus on the possibilities interactive live online video experience open up.

Infographic: The Limelight Advantage

Our powerful edge services platform is uniquely able to deliver your digital assets quickly, reliably, and securely worldwide.

Blog Post: Changing How Online Audiences Experience Live Events

Case Study: Faurecia

Faurecia is a global automotive equipment and technology leader located in France.



Blog: Unleash Now at IBC 2018

At IBC, we will launch our realtime steaming solution, and you will be able to watch live sub-second global streaming in action.

Shortcomings of the Public Cloud


Data Sheet: Limelight Configuration API

Blog: Options for Boosting CDN Performance with Origin Storage

Case Study: DAZN

No one wants an important play in a game interrupted by buffering.

What is Limelight Networks Doing in Edge Compute?

Blog: Limelight’s QA Automation Improvements Help Provide a Best-in-Class CDN for Customers


Lowering Latency for Live Online Streaming Video

Case Study: DIMOBA

DIMOBA set out to create a new interactive live experience for quiz games on mobile devices. To succeed, it was critical to build an infrastructure with low latency that could handle live-streamed video, had a global reach, and could scale quickly.



Blog: The State of Digital Lifestyles 2018

Consumers have become increasingly dependent on internet-connected digital devices.

Market Research: The State of Digital Lifestyles 2018

"The State of Digital Lifestyles" Report Shows Nearly Half of Consumers Could Not Give Up Mobile Phones for One Day

What is Edge Compute?

Leveraging the Power of Edge Computing

Solution Brief: 5 Online Delivery Challenges Solved

Lessons from the Real World: How Leading Companies Solve Tough Content Delivery Challenges

Data Sheet: Which Limelight Storage is right for Your Business?

Tech Brief: Transitioning from Flash in the Limelight Video Platform

The Key to Fast and Secure E-commerce Experiences

Detect and block web application security threats with Limelight's WAF solution

White Paper: Comprehensive Cybersecurity Defenses for Content Delivery

Case Study: WorkCast

WorkCast webinars, webcasts, virtual events and on-demand webinar channels can be viewed on any device without platform plugins—just like video.

Limelight Networks at NAB 2018

New video solutions deliver exceptional online experiences

Limelight Origin Storage Services

Why Storage Matters in a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Blog: 2017 Super Bowl Pulls in Third-Highest Market Rating

Blog: Low Latency Live Streaming Takes Center Stage at NAB

Market Research: The State of Online Gaming 2018

Traditional Sports Viewership is at Risk as Millennials Switch Their Attention to Esports

Blog: The State of Online Gaming 2018

Gaming goes mainstream for both playing and watching

CDN Evaluation Checklist

Critical Considerations When Choosing a Content Delivery Network

Case Study: Cliplister

As a content provider for Europe’s biggest e-commerce platforms, Cliplister enables manufacturers and retailers to share high-quality content in an efficient way.

Blog: Separating the Good from the Bad – Intelligent Bot Management Solution

Blog: In the Spotlight at NAB Show 2018

Limelight’s Sub-second Latency Live Streaming

Blog Post: Reducing Origin Server Load

In this post, I will discuss making requests back to a CDN origin and how to avoid performance problems and end-user experience problems that can crop up.

Data Sheet: Limelight Web Application Firewall Advanced Bot Manager

Webinar: Critical Considerations when Choosing a Content Delivery Network

Blog: With a Lot of Money on the Line, Technology Follows—Low-Latency Live Video Streaming

Blog: Multiple Solutions for Low-Latency Live Video Streaming

Delivering low latency live streams is essential for live sports, online gaming and just about anyone who wants to offer a great online video experience.


Tech Brief: Challenges Managing Bots

Safeguard against bad bots, manage good bots

Blog: Delivering Rights Protected Video Content with New Multi-DRM Support

Blog: Origin Storage: Infrequent Access

Some of your online content is pure gold—your hit streaming videos or top file downloads, for example. You want to deliver your gold content with gold performance, fast and responsive for every user.

Infographic: State of Cybersecurity

Download this infographic to get a snippet of our study. For the full report, analysis and recommendations about staying secure in the midst of evolving threads, download the full report.

Case Study: GameOn

GameOn Co., Ltd. is one of the largest online game publishers in Japan.

Blog: Limelight Partners Up with Tencent Cloud

This month we announced a major reseller agreement with Tencent Cloud, part of one of the largest companies in Asia, to help meet the growing demand for content delivery in China.

WEBINAR: Overcoming the Latency Hurdle in Delivering Streaming Video

Get strategies from Limelight experts for delivering exceptional low-latency live video streaming.

Blog: Limelight DDoS Attack Interceptor Service Enhanced With On-Network Traffic Scrubbing

Case Study: Showroomprivé

Showroomprivé was in search of a new Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider that was lower cost and a better fit for its rapidly growing business.

Blog: Migration Made Easy

Got a library of content? If so, you know that migrating content from one system to another can be time-consuming and expensive.

Blog: Limelight’s Ongoing Technology Investments Deliver Greater Capacity and Performance

Enhancements to our global infrastructure deliver breakthrough improvements to performance, capacity and efficiency.

Case Study: AutoTrader

AutoTrader UK sits at the heart of the UK’s vehicle buying process and its primary activity is to help vehicle retailers compete effectively on the marketplace in order to sell more vehicles, faster.

IBC2017 Content Everywhere Hub Panel Session

Cyber threat protection technologies and best practices to protect video assets by Steve Miller-Jones

Blog: Keep Customers Coming Back for More

Limelight explores customer expectations and how you can maximize online revenue and customer satisfaction.


The State of the User Experience is part of Limelight Networks’ series of annual surveys that explore consumer perceptions and behaviors around online activities.

MagineTV and Limelight Aligned

In an interview with IABM the two are talking about the value of customer experience

Market Research: The State of Cybersecurity 2017—Southeast Asia

Cyber-crime is a very complicated topic for both organizations and consumers, but if there is one thing that resonates from this report, it’s that it cannot be ignored.

Blog: Great Origin Stories

Case Study: Magine

Magine Digital Media (MDM) offers end-to-end OTT solutions to players in the global TV market.

Data Sheet: Custom Queries

Limelight Custom Queries provide targeted access to the trove of raw log data within the Limelight Orchestrate Platform.

IBC 2017

Putting the Customers' Experience First

White Paper: Best Practices to Automate and Accelerate Your Content Delivery

Get dramatic improvements by optimizing CDN Origin Storage

The State of Online Video 2017

Limelight Networks’ latest in a series of surveys that explores consumer perceptions and behaviors around digital content

Case Study: Cinesoft

Cinesoft turns to Limelight for performance, support and competitive pricing

Data Sheet: Video Acceleration

Accelerating delivery of live streams ensures lower latency without compromising the efficiency of your infrastructure.

Case Study: NTT DOCOMO

Limelight’s architecture supports a high cache hit rate, which results in superior CDN performance for NTT DOCOMO

Case Study: OKWAVE

OKWAVE relies on Limelight to deliver secure content to more than 30 million users worldwide

White Paper: Optimizing the Mobile Video Experience

Leveraging the latest video delivery and analytics technology to deliver high quality experiences that WOW!

Case Study: Primerica

Primerica turns to Limelight for fast and cost-efficient internal communications

Case Study: Cinedigm

Limelight’s CDN infrastructure simplifies workflows and allows Cinedigm to focus on providing more content for their customers

White Paper: 5 Things You Need to Know About Implementing a Multi-CDN Strategy

Market Research: The State of Digital Downloads 2017

Responses from consumers around the world reveal global trends around digital downloading behaviors

Case Study: mitsubachiworks inc

Making it easy for users to get the most out of content

Case Study: Cogeco Peer 1

Cogeco Peer 1 Chose Limelight's CDN to Bring Customer Content Closer to Their Users

Data Sheet: Control and Enablement

Manage, Configure, and Monitor The Limelight Orchestrate Platform

Intelligent Ingest

Automatically improve user experience with this new feature for Limelight Origin Storage

Webinar: Key Strategies and Best Practices to Proactively Protect Digital Assets and Apps

Watch On-Demand

Limelight Video Platform: A Complete Video Publishing Workflow

Deliver broadcast quality video to any viewer device anywhere

Data Sheet: Intelligent Ingest

Simplifies the migration of content to Limelight Origin Storage

Delivering a great viewer experience

IABM interviewed Steve Miller-Jones, Sr. Director Product Management on live video events

Market Research: The State of the User Experience — South East Asia

Across SEA, consumers are spending a considerable amount of time online outside of work.

The VOD Factory Customer Testimonial

VOD Factory handles twice as much traffic and easily manages peak traffic demands delivering high quality VOD for OTT companies in France.

ARC Light - Speeding User Connections to Website Content

Enhance Brand Reputation and Increase Return Site Visits

Case Study: Cebu Pacific

Largest Low-Cost Airline in Philippines Boosts Web Performance and Online Experience with Limelight’s Content Delivery Network

Data Sheet: Overcoming E-tail Challenges to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

Deliver a reliable, fast, and secure e-tail experience that maximizes customer conversion & retention

5 Tips to Prepare Your Website for the Holidays

Maximizing revenue during the holiday season requires preparation and testing to ensure the best customer experience

Data Sheet: ARC Light

Enhancing your brand reputation with rapid response to queries for the highest user quality of experience


Introduction and Demo

Data Sheet: Video Platform

Fastest and most intuitive way to manage, publish, syndicate, measure, and monetize web video with ease

Case Study: Zuken

Powering Global Delivery of High-Quality Zuken Support

Case Study: Betradar

Top Global Sports Data Provider Betradar Chooses Limelight’s CDN for Speed, Support, and Scale

Case Study: Yare Media

For global reach and scalability, Yare Chose Limelight Video Services for OTT delivery.

Case Study: Kronen Zeitung

Limelight’s Video platform provides scale, analytics and ease of use for Kronen Zeitung, Austria's largest newspaper.

Market Research: The State of Online Video - December 2016

Read about consumer perceptions and behaviors around digital content

Case Study: Microscan

Microscan Computers Uses Limelight’s Orchestrate Platform to Deliver OTT Content to Customers Worldwide

Case Study: Nintendo Europe

The world's largest video game company promotes content online using the Limelight CDN

Webinar: Delivering OTT Experiences that Keep Audiences Hooked

Case Study: Viki

Viki uses Limelight Networks to deliver primetime shows and movies to millions of viewers across the Americas and Europe

Case Study: VOD Factory

VOD Factory handles twice as much traffic and easily manages peak traffic demands delivering high quality video on-demand for over-the-top (OTT) companies throughout France.

Selling Software by Subscription?

Limelight’s infrastructure solutions for software delivery can help you with both your business and technical requirements for delivering software by subscription.

Data Sheet: Limelight MMD Live

Powerful cloud-based feature for transcoding live video streams into multiple bitrates and on-the-fly transmuxing into different formats

Data Sheet: Limelight MMD on Demand

Integrated with Limelight’s global Content Delivery Network (CDN), storage and security solutions, delivering broadcast quality video to all connected devices worldwide

Case Study: GOCHINA TV delivers OVER-THE-TOP Video Services

Video on Demand

Attract a large audience and keep them coming back for more

Data Sheet: Limelight Orchestrate Platform

Infrastructure, software, and services to solve any content delivery challenge

Data Sheet: Video Delivery Services

Delivers broadcast-quality video to virtually any device anywhere with functionality in the form of content conversion, playback, and delivery

Data Sheet: Cloud Security Services

Secure and mitigate attacks on your website and web servers with defensive protection

Data Sheet: Limelight Packaged Services

Services to help you optimize content delivery while you grow

Data Sheet: Limelight Live Event Services

Customized options to support any live or major event

Data Sheet: Limelight Activation Services

Support options to maximize your Limelight Orchestrate Platform implementation

File Downloads

Mobile? Video? Personalized content? No problem.

Website Acceleration

When a new release is ready, no one wants to wait

Live Video

There are no second chances getting live video right

Data Sheet: Limelight WAF

Limelight provides a protective shield around your security perimeter.

As a company, we are passionate about servicing the gaming industry.

Complex problem-solving support

24/7/365 Monitoring

DDoS Attack Interceptor

Learn about DDoS detection and mitigation technology.

Industry Insight: A conversation with Retail Info Systems News

Super charging your online presence; it all starts with your CDN and big data strategy.

Case Study: Channel 4

Channel 4 turns to Limelight for cutting-edge online TV delivery

Case Study: Gaitame

Gaitame, Ltd. uses Limelight CDN and Cloud Storage to Increase Performance and Reliability to Deliver Flawless Online Seminars

Market Research: Over 1000 French consumers open up about their online shopping behavior.

Webinar: Inside the Tech and Teamwork behind a World-Class eSports Event

How professional players prepare for a championship tournament with a global audience and what role interaction with fans, publishers and developers plays in the preparation

White Paper: Broadcasting an eSports Tournament - Keys to Success

You need the right game, the right players, and the right venue and increasingly important—live streaming.

Solution Brief: Limelight Solution for Media and Broadcasters

A powerful, integrated cloud-based workflow, enabling you to get your content to online audiences faster and easier at broadcast-quality

Webinar: How to Secure Your Digital Content

What businesses should be doing today to protect their digital content

Case Study: Engie

Orchestrate Platform and CDN speeds content to the right hands, in the right format for any device.

Webinar: Optimization Strategies for Exceptional Software Download Experiences

Webinar: Millennials and Online Video

What you REALLY need to know

Solution Brief: Limelight Solution for Gaming

A powerful, integrated cloud-based workflowthat enables you to deliver your game experiences to your users reliably and consistently while ensuring optimum performance of downloads, video streaming, and websites

Industry Insight: SVG Digital Chat

Technical tips on how to plan and deliver a successful live-streamed event

Data Sheet: Web Acceleration Services

Faster response times for media-rich and personalized sites

White Paper: 10 Ways to Secure Your Digital Content

Protect your content investment with layers of security.

Data Sheet: Live and On Demand Sports Video Experiences

75% of online video viewers will stop watching within 4 minutes if the experience is poor

Case Study: CoachGuitar

CoachGuitar provides a fast, flawless experience to customers who download its app—3,000 times per day

Industry Insight: Building an OTT Platform? Limelight can help.

The core ingredients for building an OTT platform

ESG Lab Review: Limelight Cloud Storage Services

Orchestrate Storage solves your toughest media delivery challenges

Webinar: Making Better Video

How to Improve QoE for Exceptional Video Engagements

Case Study: Spear Education

Dental Professionals Increase Clinical Skills, Revenue, and Profitability around the globe with Limelight Orchestrate Video Platform

Webinar: Key Considerations for Delivering Broadcast Quality Video to Mobile Screens

How to build the right strategy for adaptive delivery

Case Study: Chili S.p.A.

An OTT provider serves 400,000 customers on a multitude of devices with Limelight technology

Case Study: BubbleUp

The CEO of digital marketing company BubbleUp reveals how the company has scaled using video, storage, and CDN services

Webinar: Building a Better Video Workflow

Develop a repeatable process to create and publish video content

Report: Consumer Gaming Trends

Limelight's annual survey reveals important information about your target audience

White Paper: CDN Performance Comparison

Compare leading CDN optimization techniques to remove bottlenecks and boost website performance

Multi-device Media Delivery

Connect with viewers everywhere, minus the headaches

Workflow Overview for Software and Device Manufacturers

A step-by-step overview of the workflow solution that provides more efficient software delivery


CoachGuitar provides a fast, flawless experience to customers who download its app—3,000 times per day

Chili S.p. A.

An OTT provider serves 400,000 customers on a multitude of devices with Limelight technology

Orchestrate for Software and Device Manufacturers

Learn what an end-to-end workflow optimization can do for you

Limelight Origin Storage Services

All storage is not created equal

Tame Your Workflow Monster

Looking for a way to distribute video to multiple devices? Here it is!

Limelight Control Portal

Simplify your workflow with Limelight’s easy-to-use control portal

The Future of Online Media with Bob Lento, CEO

Video is the future of the Internet. What does it mean for your business?


SmartPurge executes requests immediately, at global scale

iMBC Customer Testimonial

iMBC uses Orchestrate Video to deliver 1,500+ hours of content at scale

White Paper: Dos and Don'ts of Deploying a CDN

Tips on how to determine what is most important to your organization and how to choose a Content Delivery Network that meets your needs.

White Paper: Stop Webpage Speed from Killing Your Marketing

Tips to optimize web delivery and reduce visitor abandonment on your site

White Paper: Predictive Performance

Conduct a step-by-step assessment of your online performance

Report: State of the User Experience 2014

Uncover key trends in how users engage with your digital content

White Paper: Deliver a Great Quality of Experience to Your Digital Audience

Deliver the best digital experience regardless of device or location

Report: The State of Online Video

Uncover the latest online video consumer trends across multiple demographics

White Paper: The Consumer as Producer

Video is creating growth opportunities for the gaming industry; here's how to leverage it

White Paper: Delivering to the Broadcast Quality Generation

Who is the broadcast quality generation and how can you give them an immediate, real-time experience?

White Paper: Building a Better Game Experience

How to make a gaming experience that keeps users playing…and paying

White Paper: Speed, Scale, and Security - Orchestrating a Great Download Experience

Learn how to provide the best download experience to customers

Market Research: The State of Digital Downloads

Find out what consumers think and feel about downloading software

Infographic: Web Speed & Your Bottom Line

Online users hate to wait; give them a better experience

Infographic: Must-know Gaming Info for 2015

Deliver a gaming experience that keeps users playing… and paying

Solution Brief: Limelight Solution for Software and Device Manufacturers

A proven solution that is easy to integrate with your existing delivery workflow, and works reliably to deliver your software and firmware to your customers across the globe

Data Sheet: Video on Demand

What are the challenges of delivering VOD and how can you effectively solve them?

Data Sheet: Limelight Edge Analytics

Transform raw data into insights that can help achieve business goals.

White Paper: Origin Storage—The Next Level of Delivery Optimization

A study on the impact of storage on delivering your digital content

Webinar: Website Performance Testing: Getting to the Data that Matters

Capture the data that matters to optimize website visitor engagement

Webinar: Speed Up Mobile Delivery by Squeezing Out Network Latency

How to tune your digital experiences for variable bandwidths

Webinar: Web Performance as a Strategy

How to choose the right KPIs to achieve your website delivery goals

Webinar: 5 Things the Fastest Websites Did First (And You Can, Too!)

How the world's best website operators optimize online performance

Webinar: Building a Flexible Delivery Architecture for High Performance Websites

Get the latest data and best practices for flawless site delivery

Webinar: 5 Ways to Deliver a Great Game Experience

Deliver a game experience that keeps your users playing...and paying

Webinar: The Inside Scoop on What Makes a Great Digital Experience

What real users say makes (or breaks) a digital experience

Webinar: Powering Exceptional QoE for Global Audiences

Deliver digital content rapidly, reliably, securely: an introduction to the Orchestrate platform upgrades

Webinar: Strategies for Growth and Game Delivery in the PC and MMO Market

Newzoo and Limelight discuss the growth of MMO Game Market

Webinar: DDoS Attacks - Lessons Learned and Mitigation Strategies

Detect and mitigate DDoS attacks before they impact your business.

Webinar: Four Ways to Succeed in the Future of Online Video

Discover the video consumption trends that affect video publishing

Case Study: Plarium

Load times decreased by 200% for Plarium's nearly 100 million global gaming customers with Limelight solutions

Case Study: Farm Journal Media

Viewer engagement rises 2.5x when Farm Journal Media leverages Limelight video delivery

Case Study: NonLinear Educating

A top 5 global educational publisher delivers MOOCs to millions on the Limelight CDN.

Case Study: ICV Digital Media

ICV scales online video delivery for B2B clients globally

Data Sheet: Gaming Software Download

Solve your gaming software delivery challenges once and for all

Case Study: Opsomai

Opsomai’s growing media platform is enabled by the Limelight CDN

Data Sheet: DDoS Attack Interceptor

DDoS Attack Interceptor is the only solution in the market that provides situation-aware detection and mitigation technology in the cloud.

Data Sheet: Origin Storage Services

Solving your toughest content delivery challenges

Data Sheet: Content Delivery

Higher performing caching and delivery of any kind of digital content

Data Sheet: SmartPurge

Next-generation CDN purging system, specifically architected to execute purges rapidly and at global scale, without the hassle and limitations of traditional CDN purging methods

Case Study: StreamOn

StreamOn, a radio broadcaster, updated its workflow and improved delivery by 30 seconds

Case Study: Washington State Bar Association

The Washington State Bar Association reaches its members with an integrated multimedia strategy

Case Study: Indian Express Group

Indian Express Group grows 10x on the Limelight platform

Case Study: Rightmove

How a UK real estate site dramatically improved the user experience

eBook: Optimizing the Digital Experience

Deliver a better website and app experience using this essential guide