Video On Demand

Video Delivery

Automated Multi-Format On-Demand OTT Streaming

Limelight Multi-device Media Delivery On-Demand (MMD OD) is a powerful set of cloud-based video delivery services for automatically converting video into multiple OTT streaming formats when requested for Video on Demand distribution. Stored MP4 files are automatically transmuxed on-the-fly to popular streaming formats such as HLS, DASH, HDS, and MSS, saving you storage costs by avoiding the creation of renditions in different formats prior to publication. Limelight lets you reduce workflow complexity and save money on storage costs while delivering broadcast-quality video to all connected devices worldwide.

Integrated Digital Rights Management

Limelight's fully-integrated Multi-Digital Rights Management (DRM) capabilities make it easy to restrict the unauthorized access and distribution of your digital content. Limelight Multi-DRM provides the ability to add Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady and Apple FairPlay DRM to your content on the fly as it is converted for delivery as HLS and DASH, letting you reduce storage costs by avoiding the pre-encryption and storage of different DRMs and video formats. Limelight Multi-DRM is a fully-integrated solution that includes everything you need to secure and deliver on-demand content.

Highest Quality Playback with Lowest Rebuffer Rates

Limelight delivers the highest quality online viewing experiences. Limelight’s ongoing investment in the development and optimization of every component of our content delivery software and global network provides industry-leading video playback performance. By continually monitoring a viewer’s connection and optimizing how video is delivered based upon real-time analysis, viewers can stream videos at a higher quality while also experiencing fewer rebuffers. Even in emerging regions where viewers rely on older mobile networks for video streaming, Limelight delivers the highest quality viewing experience.