Online Video Platform

Video Delivery

Media Asset Management

Limelight Video Platform makes it easy to manage all of your video content. Upload media for publishing, add custom metadata, select thumbnails, trim video clips, add and manage closed caption files, create and schedule custom playlists, insert advertising cue points, and more. Limelight provides everything you need to manage your video content for online distribution.

Automated Video Ingest and Transcoding

The Limelight Video Platform tackles the challenge of preparing video content for OTT distribution to different devices by offloading complex transcoding functionality to the cloud. Create custom encoding profiles and automatically convert media to multi-bitrate, multi-resolution formats including HLS, DASH, HDS, and MSS for playback on desktop browsers, Apple iOS and Android devices.

Video Analytics

The Limelight Video Platform includes comprehensive analytics that help you improve the monetization of your video content. Overview metrics help you understand which videos are most popular and how often they are being played. Performance metrics provide detailed insight into the number of views and where content is being accessed. Engagement metrics help you understand how long each video is being watched and when people are stopping playback. Increase the value of your video content with insight from Limelight's video analytics.

Advertising Server Integration

Advertising pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll cue points can be easily added to media to allow ad-serving networks to automatically insert advertisements into your content when played by viewers. Pre-roll and post-roll cue points can also be added to playlists you create to automatically insert ads between items in a playlist.

Customizable HTML5 Player

Limelight's HTML5 video player simplifies the process of adding video to your website. SmartEmbed technology determines what video format to stream to the user, based on the device being used to play the video content. The HTML5 video player can be easily customized to match the look and branding of your website.

Comprehensive APIs to Automate Workflows

Comprehensive REST-based APIs provide developers with programmatic access to media and supporting metadata for creation of fully integrated applications. API capabilities include video player control, access to analytics, addition of captioning data, iTunes metadata management, and more. Limelight's video APIs provide the flexibility and customization to easily integrate video into your business processes.

See the Limelight Video Platform in Action

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