Live Video

Video Delivery

Cloud-Based Transcoding/Transmuxing

Limelight Multi-device Media Delivery Live (MMD Live) takes the headaches and hassles out of delivering live OTT video to a variety of devices by providing cloud-based transcoding of live video streams into multiple bitrates and on-the-fly transmuxing into different formats. Limelight's cloud-based transcoding and transmuxing offloads computationally complex tasks from your environment and simplifies the process of delivering the correct video format to every user device.

Low-Latency HTTP Live Streaming

Limelight Video Acceleration provides the lowest possible latency for delivering standard HLS and MPEG-DASH video streams. And bring your legacy Flash video streaming to Limelight and let us help you manage the transition. Limelight provides a range of scalable low-latency live streaming solutions to help you solve any challenge.

Live Push Workflow for Live Streaming

Limelight Live Push Ingest (LPI) is a service that allows you to push streaming media segments and manifests to Limelight for live distribution, putting you in control of origin bandwidth, so you can reduce costs for ingesting video to Limelight CDN. Limelight Live Push’s direct integration with the Limelight CDN also enables your live events to scale massively with no threat of overloading your content production or origin servers.

Recording of Live Streams for VOD Playback

Limelight's Live to VoD service provides integrated capabilities to automatically record your live streaming content for future video on demand playback. Robust scheduling options let you initiate recording of live events as MP4 files that are automatically added to VoD libraries for future playback as standard HLS or MPEG-DASH streaming media.