Video CDN: Video Content Delivery Provider

Live + VOD media management and packaging for delivering broadcast-quality OTT video to any screen

Limelight's realtime, live and on-demand video delivery services and online video platform integrate Limelight's massive global private network with advanced video delivery and management capabilities, helping you get your OTT video to virtually any device, anywhere in the world at high quality and with the lowest rebuffer rates in the industry.

Realtime Streaming

Limelight Realtime Streaming delivers true realtime live video using standard web browsers without special plug-ins. This next generation Realtime Streaming solution includes enhancements for scaling to hundreds of thousands of simultaneous streams and shared data capability enabling interactivity with viewers. Sub-second live video enables you to create interactive applications by integrating live data with video, increasing viewer engagement and offering new opportunities to monetize live content.

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Live Video

Limelight offers a range of live video streaming solutions for live sports, gaming, and other time-sensitive events. Our cloud-based, end-to-end workflows including automatic transcoding and transmuxing on-the-fly to multiple formats, and a Live Push workflow, simplify the process of delivering high-quality live streaming content to any device.

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Video On Demand

Limelight’s solutions for on-demand video streaming provide the quality and performance required for demanding VoD workflows. Our cloud-based solution simplifies content conversion with automatic transmuxing to all major OTT streaming formats on the fly, based on device detection. Limelight helps you deliver every title fast anywhere in the world, while reducing your need for infrastructure investment.

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Online Video Platform

The Limelight Video Platform is the fastest and most intuitive way to manage and distribute online video to media devices everywhere. Limelight's online video platform is the only major OVP fully integrated with a CDN, letting you easily manage and distribute video content without the need for custom coding or integration to a separate content delivery network for distribution. Engage web audiences with immersive video content. Track performance and collect valuable metrics from your viewers. The power and simplicity of Limelight Video Platform lets you manage, publish, syndicate, measure, and monetize online video with ease.

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Video Storage Solutions

Limelight Origin Storage is optimized for fast, scalable, and reliable video delivery. Multiple storage classes are available, including our Standard storage class which provides the fastest online storage performance of any cloud storage system, ensuring the lowest video rebuffer rates for your viewers, wherever they are located. In addition, the Infrequent Access class provides cost-effective storage for video titles that aren’t retrieved as often. Limelight simplifies the process of managing your media library while providing the best online experiences to your viewers.

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