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Whether you are responding to changing business requirements, implementing new services, or training and augmenting your staff, Limelight has the experts dedicated to helping you succeed. Limelight provides free unrestricted access to 24/7/365 live technical support, and our award-winning Professional Services team has extensive expertise solving complex integration challenges. Our experts can analyze your existing workflow, help you optimize your configuration and train your team—reducing costs to you and accelerating your time to market. And our Network Operations Center is always there to help ensure efficient operation. Contact us to learn more about why our customer satisfaction scores continue to reach new highs, year after year.

At Limelight, we are dedicated to helping our customers succeed by providing responsive, nimble support.

24/7/365 Live Support

Limelight provides free unrestricted 24/7/365 live customer support by phone or email with in-region language assistance for key languages to help you respond to any challenge.

Global NOC

Our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC) has extensive experience managing and operating one of the largest global networks. Our NOC monitors the network in real-time and relays periodic and proactive network status to help you ensure maximum uptime and efficient traffic operations.

Advanced Services Architects

Our global team of Advanced Services Architects are available to provide local support and assistance in your native language with the experience and expertise to help you take on new challenges with confidence.

Activation Services

Configuration tuning and optimization services help you solve your unique challenges with the fastest performance and highest availability. Workflow integration assistance, data migration support, and process documentation ensure your continued success after the initial deployment.

Workflow Consulting

Global experts with many years of diverse experience help you streamline your workflows and processes and implement best practices.

Training and Staff Augmentation

Limelight Advanced Services Architects can provide ongoing training of existing & new staff as well as augment existing staff to support new initiatives.

Implementation of New Services

Limelight’s Advanced Services Architects help you implement new capabilities and services as your needs change. They have extensive expertise with complex multi-vendor integrations and can provide project management services to help you accelerate your deployment and increase ROI.

Live Event Support

Through detailed pre-event planning, configuration, and solution testing, our experts help you reduce overall event risk. Realtime event reporting ensures you deliver the best possible user experience and post-event analysis lets you develop best practices for future events.



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