Edge Cloud

Bringing the power of cloud to the edge

Unlike traditional cloud service providers who rely on the congested public internet to transfer your critical data, Limelight operates one of the world’s largest private networks with global scale and reach that minimizes latencies. Limelight’s edge cloud eliminates the cost and complexity of using traditional cloud computing environments for low-latency IoT and edge compute applications.

Global Private Network

Limelight’s QoS-enabled high-speed private network provides the global scale and performance needed for the most demanding IoT workflows. Our private fiber backbone is isolated from the public internet, providing unmatched performance in a secure environment.

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Edge Services

Limelight provides a set of distributed edge computing, storage and analytics capabilities that allow data to be processed close to the source, eliminating latencies and enabling real-time and highly interactive applications.

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Service and Support

Your IoT infrastructure is critical to the success of your business. Limelight provides free unrestricted live support from industry experts who help you take on new challenges with confidence.

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