Serverless Compute at the Edge


Limelight EdgeFunctions is a serverless compute platform that automatically makes your code available to many edge locations around the world, executes at the network edge close to your users to ensure the lowest latency, and scales to meet demand. EdgeFunctions is ideal for customers needing to implement streaming video and content delivery use cases such as personalized streaming, access control, dynamic ad insertion, A/B testing, image manipulation and more. It is tightly integrated with one of the world’s highest-performing video and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). EdgeFunctions gives developers tools to boost performance, customize workflows and scale rapidly while only paying for resources used.

With EdgeFunctions, developers are able to run their code without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure, simplifying development and reducing time to production. It enables developers to concentrate on what they are good at: coding!


It’s fast and easy to create new applications, add new features and improve user experience. The ability to execute functions at the network edge close to your users provides opportunities for flexible, highly responsive experiences.

Developer Empowerment

An API-first approach to serverless computing with support for Node.js, Python and Go means developers can focus on innovation and integration without the complexity of managing underlying infrastructure. It’s easy to get started and get answers, with a wealth of resources accessible from Limelight’s Developer Central.


Enhance your ability to control and customize your streaming video and content delivery workflows by moving functions to the network edge, providing the control you need with the fast response times you expect from edge computing.

Reduced Latency

Delight your users by moving compute to the edge, executing at the closest location for each user session and providing significantly lower latency compared to centralized cloud compute. The farther the user is from a centralized location, the bigger the benefit.

Global Scale and Reach

Limelight automatically makes your code available to many edge locations around the world for global coverage and snappy response wherever your application needs it. Plus, EdgeFunctions features elastic resource allocation, so capacity automatically scales as demand changes.

Fast access, compute and delivery all contribute to the exceptional performance of Limelight EdgeFunctions. With peering connections to over 1,000 global last-mile providers, each user’s request has fast and efficient transit into and out of the Limelight network, minimizing latency. Limelight further reduces latency by executing serverless compute tasks at the network edge close to the user. Compute resources are distributed in PoPs globally at the network edge, collocated with Limelight’s delivery infrastructure. Results are delivered over the same high-performance delivery network that the most-demanding video streaming services trust. And when used to optimize video and content delivery, the ultimate result to the user is high-performance delivery optimized by high-performance serverless compute at the edge.

edgefunctions workflow

EdgeFunctions serverless compute is ideal for streaming video and content delivery use cases. Today’s streaming video ecosystems often include in-house and third-party services that enhance the core delivery, and EdgeFunctions is an excellent way to manage those services. Customers can implement their innovative ideas to solve business problems and craft new experiences. Example use cases include:

Personalized Streaming

Deliver video optimized for user’s device, content preferences, location, and other personalization factors.

Access Control / Compliance

Authenticate, authorize or block access to video and other content. You can also offer a subset of your library to non-authenticated users to create upsell opportunities.

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Maximize revenue with ads targeted by viewer, region profile or other desirable demographics, integrating with advertising ecosystems of your choice.

Forensic Watermarking

Deter piracy with uniquely identifiable streams per viewer, integrating with the watermarking technology of your choice.

Data Collection

Capture client data for augmentation, normalization or filtering to feed analytics systems.

A/B Testing

Improve usability by testing alternative layouts and content to determine which are more appealing to your users.

Intelligent Redirect

Optimize and/or customize user experiences with active origin selection.

EdgeFunctions is API-first and supports Node.js, Python and Go. The serverless architecture makes deployment easy and removes concerns about infrastructure and scale. Just upload your code using the Upload API (at no cost), and in seconds it’s available globally. To run your code, simply embed function calls in user sessions using the Invoke API — Limelight executes the associated compute tasks at the network edge closest to the user, and automatically scales compute capacity to meet demand. You pay only for resources used, without worrying about infrastructure or paying for overprovisioning.

Need help with EdgeFunctions or other Limelight APIs? Limelight’s new Developer Central is your one-stop resource for information, documentation, resources including github, experts to answer your questions, and a forum to engage with other developers.

Serverless Computing

A ‘Function-as-a-Service’ (FaaS) platform that provides compute resources without a developer needing to worry about the underlying infrastructure

Automatic Availability in Seconds

Limelight automatically makes your code available across the network edge

Automatic Execution at the Optimal Location

Minimize latency by executing code at the network edge close to the user


REST APIs to upload code and to invoke the functions make integration easy and flexible

Supports Node.js, Python, Go

EdgeFunctions supports multiple popular programming languages


HMAC authentication requires username and a MAC hash generated with the user's shared key and timestamp

Elastic Capacity Scaling

Limelight automatically scales compute capacity as demand changes, handling spikes without costly overprovisioning

Only Pay for Services Consumed

Simple metered billing for requests and compute time

Optimized for Streaming Video and Content Delivery

Integrated with a high-performance content delivery network featuring private backbone, advanced software and peering with over 1,000 ISPs

Managing infrastructure is a constant challenge and a constant drain on your resources. Even with cloud infrastructure you need to worry about software versioning, compute locations, and the stresses of ensuring peak capacity which often means paying for overprovisioning.

Limelight EdgeFunctions means no more overprovisioning costs, no more worrying about scale and capacity. Just upload your code and Limelight takes care of the rest.