Edge Compute Platform Provider

Network-Enhanced Edge Compute

Are you under pressure to deliver more functionality, better responsiveness, higher quality, improved personalization or all of the above? As your competition pushes to innovate, you need to leverage every advantage to stay ahead. Meanwhile, microservices architectures are providing opportunities to leverage cloud services like never before. Edge compute is one of the key trends analysts expect to give companies the advantage. Limelight’s suite of edge compute offerings, integrated with one of the highest-performance networks in the world featuring peering connections to over 1000 ISPs, gives you the low-latency high-performance advantage you need to win.

Globally Connected

Limelight’s global network covers every region of the world with compute resources in strategically located Point of Presence (PoPs) across the globe. Direct peering connections to more than 1,000 ISPs and leading public cloud providers help provide low-latency edge compute at global scale.

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Serverless Compute at the Edge

Limelight EdgeFunctions is a serverless compute platform optimized for streaming video and content delivery use cases. It automatically makes your code available to many edge locations around the world, executes at the edge to ensure the lowest latency, and scales to meet demand.

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Bare Metal Compute at the Edge

Dedicated bare metal servers give you compute power where you need it without having to share resources and when full control of your compute resources are required.

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Virtual Machine at the Edge

Limelight offers global virtualized compute capacity that makes it easy to scale and grow as your compute needs change.

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