Management and Reporting

Content Delivery

Integrated Configuration and Management Portal

Limelight Control is a self-service portal that makes it easy to configure and manage the Limelight platform. You can purge erroneous or outdated assets, create and manage a range of delivery configurations, track performance, and troubleshoot issues. Limelight Control lets you quickly modify and update your configurations at any time, so you can respond to changing business requirements.

Unified Reporting

Limelight Control provides unified reporting that lets you analyze your data using visualizations that deliver immediate insight. Query once, then zoom, pivot, slice, and dice your way to immediately actionable intelligence. Live and historical data about traffic, geography, efficiency, exceptions, storage, billing, and more provides the insight you need to meet your business objectives.

Self-Service Configuration API

Limelight offers a powerful set of configuration APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that let you control a wide range of capabilities, including content, services, and administration functionality.

Realtime Data and Analytics

Limelight Edge Analytics helps you make sense of your content delivery. Realtime and near-realtime data is available via our Control portal, a real-time reporting API, and a data access API that provides integration with external data stores and reporting tools. Multi-dimensional data gathering, aggregation, computation, query handling, and presentation help you load-balance your delivery network, anticipate and manage peak traffic, and optimize bandwidth utilization so you can respond to changing business requirements.