Intelligent High-Speed Purging

Content Delivery

Fast Content Invalidation and Removal

Limelight SmartPurge was specifically architected to execute purges rapidly and at global scale. Millions of objects can be quickly invalidated or deleted in under 2 seconds. SmartPurge works in near realtime to remove stale content from the access path of users, no matter where it is cached across Limelight’s global network. When a purge request is received, the content will stop being served to end-users with no delays or waiting in queue behind other customers.

Flexible Purge Options

SmartPurge makes it easy to locate and purge outdated content. Many options are available for performing purges through Limelight’s Control Portal or using APIs. Limelight SmartPurge makes it easy to specify the content to be purged, including pattern matching, content labelled with custom tags, specific content types, single URLs or objects, and entire directories.

Purge Assurance and Reporting

SmartPurge makes it easy to accurately predict which objects will be purged and verifies purge effectiveness with comprehensive reporting. You can preview purges before they are executed to determine which items will be invalidated and ensure only the content you want to delete will be removed. In addition, comprehensive confirmation reports are provided within 20 seconds of the purge being submitted, and purge dashboards and history show purge status, execution details, and users requesting purges. SmartPurge provides the assurance you need to be sure you are always delivering the right content.