Delivery Performance

Content Delivery

Architected for Efficiency

Limelight's network infrastructure spans the globe with a QoS (Quality of Service) enabled network of about 135 Points-of-Presence (PoPs) in more than 45 metropolitan locations. Each Limelight PoP has a high density of fast servers with SSDs (Solid State Disks) resulting in one of the highest cache efficiency ratios in the industry, which means greater origin offload, better performance and lower bandwidth costs for Limelight customers.

Global Private Network

Limelight's private fiber backbone enables content to bypass the congested public internet, resulting in faster, more reliable, and more secure content delivery. Limelight owns and operates one of the world's largest private networks, which results in a superior user experience in a more secure infrastructure with the capacity to support the most onerous digital traffic demands.

Software Stack Optimized for End-to-End Performance

Unlike traditional CDN vendors who rely on third-party technologies for key components of their content delivery infrastructure, Limelight’s ongoing technology investments in its comprehensive EdgePrism software stack have produced breakthrough delivery performance by controlling the entire content delivery process. Limelight's EdgePrism software stack delivers optimal performance over any network connection type or speed without requiring any special client-side code. By continually monitoring a user’s connection and optimizing how content is delivered based upon realtime analysis, Limelight provides a superior Quality of Experience, even over mobile networks or other changing network conditions.

High Cache Efficiency

Limelight origin shield reduces requests to origin servers and delivers one of the highest cache efficiencies in the industry. When a Limelight PoP receives a request for content that is not cached locally, it will first request the content from one or more designated origin shield PoPs. Only if the content does not exist in the cache of the origin shield PoPs will the request be forwarded to origin. This greatly reduces requests to origin, minimizes origin egress costs, and improves user experience.