Content Delivery

Fast, available and secure delivery of streaming video and other digital content to any device, anywhere

Whether it’s streaming video or your website, mobile applications, music, software, games, or APIs, your content needs to reach customers quickly, reliably, and securely. Limelight provides the capacity, coverage, and performance to cost-effectively deliver a better experience for you and your customers, now with serverless compute at the edge to extend your options to innovate and integrate.

Delivery Performance

The world’s largest broadcasters and content rights holders trust Limelight for best-in-class delivery of their biggest launches and highest-profile live streaming events. Limelight’s ongoing investment in the development and optimization of every component of its CDN provides industry-leading performance, even over congested or changing network conditions.

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Limelight operates one of the world's largest networks with the capacity and reach to support the largest global events.

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Web Acceleration

Limelight speeds up the delivery of static content like images, text and video as well as dynamic content that changes with each user. The result is a site that consistently delivers the fastest user experience.

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Origin Storage

Your content is the foundation of your digital presence. Storage plays a critical role in content delivery workflows and optimizing the end-user experience, but not all storage is created equal. Limelight Origin Storage was developed to address the unique requirements of content delivery workflows. Limelight Origin Storage simplifies the process of ingesting and managing content with automatic cost-free replication that delivers the fastest performance, built-in high availability and redundancy, and industry-leading support.

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Management & Reporting

Limelight offers a comprehensive suite of APIs and a secure online portal, giving you easy access to the management and monitoring tools you need to optimize your content delivery process.

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DNS Service

Limelight offers a DNS service that delivers fast, accurate and secure query responses.

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Intelligent High-Speed Purging

Limelight's unique SmartPurge content invalidation capability provides next-generation CDN purging at global scale. Unlike purging features in other CDNs, SmartPurge works in near realtime to remove stale content from the access path of users with rich functionality such as purge by pattern match or content tag that is accessible programmatically via APIs or through a graphical user interface. SmartPurge also accurately predicts which objects will be purged and verifies purge effectiveness with comprehensive reporting.

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