WAF Protection

Cloud Security

Comprehensive and Customizable Security Policies

The Limelight Cloud WAF blocks attacks on web servers by filtering web traffic using rules from the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 most critical application security risks as well as custom-developed WAF rules that are designed to protect your specific web server environment. The Limelight Cloud WAF uses a positive security model based on machine-learning technologies and dynamic security policies to provide realtime protection against currently known as well as emerging "zero-day" web attacks. When a new vulnerability is identified, a security rule is created and pushed to all WAF nodes in the Limelight network to ensure malicious traffic is blocked from reaching your web servers.

Bot Detection and Management

Bots are ubiquitous. Today’s hackers use bots to launch pre-attack scans, post comment spam, exploit vulnerabilities, and execute code injection attacks, denial of service attacks, and password guessing hacks against your web facing properties. Malicious bots also cause application and API outages that impact your customers’ experience, resulting in commercial losses. To effectively control the damages caused by the bot epidemic, organizations are faced with the challenge of staying ahead of threat actors and their malicious bots. Conversely, legitimate bot traffic is a necessary part of the Internet. Having the ability to eliminate malicious bot traffic while managing legitimate bot traffic is critical to maintaining uptime.

Limelight Bot Manager offers a flexible platform that is easily deployed and continuously managed. Ongoing monitoring and tuning of bot management policies ensures an optimal security profile to protect your web applications, without sacrificing performance. In addition to managing bot traffic, the Limelight Bot Manager offers capabilities that make the solution simple to implement, deploy and administer. Hosted in the cloud, this flexible solution eliminates the need for IT organizations to install and manage hardware and software. A real-time dashboard, reporting, analytics and alerts notify your security personnel of any bot attacks so they can quickly remediate the situation.

24x7 Security Operations Center

Limelight's 24/7 Security Operations Center provides daily threat intelligence monitoring with vulnerability analysis of new threats. Limelight's SOC monitors dark internet blogs and industry bulletin boards for new threats. and creates new security rules that provide the most up to date WAF protection.