DDoS Protection

Cloud Security

Real-Time Detection

Limelight DDoS Attack Interceptor actively monitors for attacks using detection from multiple locations at the CDN edge. This proactive detection shortens response time without impacting delivery performance and allows Limelight to deliver one of the fastest times to mitigation in the industry.

High-Speed On-Network Scrubbing

Unlike traditional cloud-based DDoS solutions, Limelight's DDoS mitigation capabilities have been directly integrated into the same PoPs that are used to deliver traffic. By not needing to divert traffic to a separate scrubbing network and then bringing clean traffic back to the CDN for delivery, Limelight provides superior delivery performance even under the largest DDoS attacks.

High Capacity Scrubbing

Limelight provides high-speed DDoS mitigation capabilities in many of its global PoPs, allowing traffic to be scrubbed in multiple regional locations at high capacity. Limelight's 10Tbps mitigation capability absorbs massive attacks in-region, so legitimate traffic doesn’t need to be diverted to remote locations during scrubbing.

24x7 Security Operations Center

Limelight's 24/7 Security Operations Center continuously monitors your web traffic to quickly identify DDoS attacks. When an attack happens, incoming requests are quickly moved to our scrubbing infrastructure to ensure only legitimate traffic is passed to your web infrastructure.