Content Security

Cloud Security

Content Access Control

Limelight makes it easy to secure your digital content with multiple access control methods. IP address whitelisting and blacklisting let you easily specify IP addresses that are allowed to access content or are specifically prohibited from accessing content. Geolocation data can be used to support regional content licensing restrictions by determining a site visitor's location and allowing or restricting access to content based upon the user's geographic location. Tokenization-based content access control can also be implemented to restrict unauthorized access to content.

Integrated Video Digital Rights Management

Limelight's Multi-DRM On the Fly solution simplifies the process of adding digital rights management (DRM) to protect your video and audio content. Unlike other DRM solutions that require content to be pre-encrypted and stored in multiple streaming and DRM formats, Limelight Multi-DRM On the Fly eliminates the cost and complexity of creating, managing, and storing multiple renditions. As media assets are requested by viewers, Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady, or Apple FairPlay encryption is added on the fly while it is being converted to HLS and DASH formats for streaming to the viewer's device. Limelight’s Multi-DRM On the Fly includes all the server-based licensing, software, and implementation services required for rapid deployment. The combination of licensing, authentication, and video player capabilities makes it easy to use digital rights management to protect valuable online streaming media content without complex integrations or managing multiple vendors.