Limelight Realtime Streaming is the industry’s first globally scalable, sub-second live video streaming solution that’s natively supported by major browsers and devices. The service also supports integrated realtime data, making it possible to create interactive live online experiences.

It’s also an award winner!

Most recently, Limelight Realtime Streaming won two awards at NAB 2019 for its innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance.

Recognizing technological innovation in the digital arena
Category: Technology
Revolutionizing the way people experience media and entertainment
Product of the year
For innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the industry
Best of Show Award, Presented by TV Technology
Recognizing achievement in the production, management, and delivery of today's media content
Category: Best of Show
For outstanding technological innovations that deliver real business and creative benefits
Category: Publish
Recognizing transformative technologies and applications
Category: Networks
Celebrating innovation in content, distribution and delivery
Category: OTT TV Technology of the Year
Highlighting technological innovations in the media/broadcast industry
Category: Video Distribution

Limelight Realtime Streaming enables organizations to stream live video from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world in less than a second, providing online viewers with the same experience enjoyed by broadcast viewers. This innovative solution leverages the industry-standard WebRTC video format and Limelight’s global edge network to deliver scalable, broadcast-quality, realtime video streaming that can be viewed in all major web browsers without the need for special software or plug-ins.