Limelight Networks interconnection policy seeks to enhance its global connectivity to other networks. Interconnection with any partner network should be mutually beneficial and meet certain technical criteria. Limelight Networks practices a ‘selective’ peering policy.

Limelight Networks Public/Private Peering Common Guidelines:

  • MUST peer in all common locations, including "home markets".
  • MUST peer in multiple locations; geographic relevance is considered.
  • MUST announce routes consistently.
  • MUST actively pursue trouble ticket resolution.
  • MUST NOT point default, reset next hop, or advertise third party routes.
  • MUST exchange a minimum of 1 Gbps in dominant direction.
  • MUST peer with both IPv4 and IPv6 (dualstack).
  • MUST maintain up-to-date contact info at peeringdb.com.
  • Additional requirements for Private Peering:

  • MUST be able to interconnect at 10G or 100G Ethernet port capacities. Limelight supports use of LR and ER optics at both speeds. 1G connects are not supported.
  • MUST be able to discuss capacity and expansion plans at least once a year during known industry events (NOGs, Peering Forums etc.) or through directly scheduled calls.
  • Share the cost of cross connects.
  • Limelight Networks, Inc. operates AS 22822 as its global backbone network, but also has other ASNs in specific regions and markets. Limelight's Interconnect markets and respective ASNs are listed below.

    Region Metro Market ASN
    North America Ashburn, USA
    Atlanta, USA
    Chicago, USA
    Dallas, USA
    Los Angeles, USA
    Mexico City, Mexico
    Miami, USA
    Minneapolis, USA
    Montreal, Canada
    New York, USA
    Phoenix, USA
    San Jose, USA
    Seattle, USA
    Toronto, Canada
    Vancouver, Canada
    Europe Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Dusseldorf, Germany
    Frankfurt, Germany
    London, UK
    Madrid, Spain
    Marseilles, France
    Milan, Italy
    Palermo, Italy
    Paris, France
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Vienna, Austria
    Africa Johannesburg, South Africa 22822
    Asia Hong Kong
    Osaka, Japan
    Tokyo, Japan
    Asia Seoul, South Korea 45396
    South Pacific Sydney, Australia 38622
    India Chennai
    New Delhi
    South America Bogota, Colombia
    Medellin, Colombia
    Sao Paolo, Brazil
    Middle East Dubai, UAE 60261
    Middle East Tel Aviv, Israel 25804


    Details of IXP IP addresses and private interconnection addresses are kept updated at http://as22822.peeringdb.com.

    Limelight Networks is also available at peering exchanges in Dublin, Berlin, Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw, Bucharest, Sofia and Zurich.

    Please register your request in the Limelight Peering Portal or send peering requests to peering@llnw.com, and include the following information:
    Contact Addresses:
    Peering ASN:
    Peering DB entry:
    Peering Markets (select from the table above):
    Additional ASNs for traffic analysis: