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Get up to 500TB of storage and 100TB of traffic — FREE!

Improve user experiences and reduce costs with Limelight’s high performance content delivery solutions.

Every time your customers watch a video, visit your web app, or download a file, they expect flawless experiences that are fast, reliable and secure. No exceptions. Meeting those expectations isn’t easy, but Limelight’s industry-leading content delivery services can help.

Provide your audience with the best possible experience.

Limelight’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) and integrated distributed storage are ranked among the highest performing in the world, which means your digital content is always delivered at the best possible quality.

Deliver content wherever your audience is, on whatever device they choose.

Limelight is one of the world’s largest CDNs, with multi-terabytes of capacity and more than 80 POPs around the world, ensuring instant global accessibility to your content. Plus, Limelight can seamlessly format your content for optimal viewing on a range of devices.

Have peace of mind 24/7/365.

With constant monitoring from Limelight’s world-class Network Operations Center and unrestricted access to live technical support, be assured that delivery of your content is in the very best hands.

The world’s leading companies rely on Limelight Networks. Join them today and take advantage of this special offer.*

Traffic Promotion
Commit to This... Get This for FREE
50TB / month 5TB free
100TB / month 15TB free
250TB / month 40TB free
500TB / month 90TB free
Over 500TB / month 100TB free
Storage Promotion
Commit to This... Get This for FREE
10TB / month 3 months free
50TB / month 3 months free
100TB / month 3 months free
150TB / month 3 months free
250TB / month 3 months free
350TB / month 3 months free
500TB / month 3 months free

* Minimum contract term of 12 months required. Customers must commit to a monthly level of both traffic and storage, based on the tiers outlined in the promotion, to be eligible for the free services. Free traffic provided for duration of contract. Free storage provided for three months. Promotion only available to new customers and new business units from existing Limelight customers.

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