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Limelight Origin Storage Services

Automated workflow, high availability, and lightning-fast delivery for all your content

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Your content is the foundation of your digital presence. However, managing a large amount of content can be a challenge. You need an efficient workflow to add new content, ensure access in multiple regions, secure and protect your content, and control cost. And most importantly, you need to deliver exceptional customer experience every time, for every piece of content, to every user location.


Limelight Origin Storage Services is the intelligent solution for driving great user experience through content delivery networks (CDNs). Simplify your workflow with ingest automation, high availability, global scale, multi-CDN support, and excellent value. And keep your audience engaged with up to 200% faster, more reliable delivery of video-on-demand, file distribution, web acceleration, gaming, or e-commerce content.

Limelight Origin Storage Services

All storage is not created equal

Limelight Origin Storage Services are optimized for content delivery workflows. Features include:

Automatic Replication

Save time and resources with easy-to-use policy-based content replication at no extra cost. Automatically locate your content close to your audience, reduce the operational costs of managing your content library, and ensure your content is always available.

Intelligent Ingest

Intelligent Ingest simplifies the migration of content to Limelight Origin Storage. Content can be automatically upload based on either user demand or a manifest of files to be ingested.

Flexible Upload

In addition to Intelligent Ingest, you can upload content from locations worldwide using a web-based GUI, Limelight's API which supports multi-part uploads, Aspera, and legacy protocols including FTP, SCP, SFTP, RSYNC, and FTP-SSL.

High-Speed Retrieval

Deliver every asset lightning fast. Limelight's high-performance Origin Storage is collocated and tightly integrated within the Orchestrate Platform. Content is automatically accessed from the fastest site for each user session.

Security, Availability and Durability

Storing your content within the globally distributed Orchestrate Platform protects against the new breed of distributed cyber-threats. The dense distributed architecture also improves availability and durability.

Exceptional Multi-CDN Performance

Make your multi-CDN delivery faster and more reliable in every region. Ideal as the primary or backup origin for any delivery service or CDN, regardless of the location and size of the content library.


Whether it’s video-on-demand, file distribution, gaming, or serving large web objects like images and audio, Limelight Origin Storage Services give you the power to deliver the best content experiences anywhere.

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