Global Private Network

Bypass internet congestion and avoid many security potholes with one of the world’s largest, private networks

Limelight operates one of the world’s largest global private networks with the capacity and reach to provide the fastest performance—anywhere in the world. Our QoS-enabled network has 80+ Tbps ingress and egress capacity and a 100GbE private fiber backbone that is connected to more than 1000 ISP and last-mile networks. Unlike other cloud solutions that restrict your presence to a handful of datacenters, Limelight has about 123 Points of Presence in 45+ metropolitan locations around the world.


Limelight’s dense caching architecture provides an industry-leading 98% cache-hit efficiency, seamlessly absorbing traffic spikes when your content is in high demand. Our private fiber backbone enables cache-fill traffic, dynamic content, and integrated service data to bypass the public internet and travel at high speed between Limelight POPs, providing a better Quality of Experience.