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Global Infrastructure

The only global private network built for and dedicated to content delivery

The Limelight Orchestrate Platform Global Infrastructure spans the globe with a QoS-enabled network of over 80 Points-of-Presence (PoPs) and 33+ terabits per-second of egress capacity directly interconnected with major ISPs and last-mile networks. The Orchestrate Platform has the speed, capacity, and availability to support the largest global events, wherever your customers are located.


Unlike other leading Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), the Orchestrate Platform Global Infrastructure is densely architected with data centers clustered around major metropolitan locations throughout the world, seamlessly absorbing traffic spikes when your content is in high demand. Our private fiber backbone enables cache-fill traffic, dynamic content, and integrated service data to bypass the public internet and travel at high speed between Limelight POPs, providing a better Quality of Experience for your users.


The Limelight Orchestrate Platform’s strategic design lets you deliver large amounts of data with greater speed, and industry-leading cache efficiency means your content is consistently within the immediate reach of anyone, anywhere.

Learn more about how the Limelight Orchestrate Platform integrates a massive global private infrastructure, advanced content delivery capabilities, and support services to help you deliver the best online experiences.

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