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Advanced Content Delivery Services

Intelligent software that quickly and efficiently delivers your digital content


At the heart of the Limelight Orchestrate Platform is EdgePrism, the advanced caching proxy software that powers your content across the globe. Advanced Content Delivery Services include industry-leading cache efficiency that provides near-instantaneous retrieval of content for a better user experience. Patented optimization techniques ensure your live events, software, media, and other files are optimally delivered on every request with the lowest latency, best reliability, and highest origin offload.

Intelligent Software

Limelight's EdgePrism OS and EdgePrism TCP technologies deliver optimal performance over any network connection type or speed without requiring any special client-side code. By continually monitoring a user’s connection and optimizing how content is delivered based upon realtime analysis, Advanced Content Delivery Services provide a superior Quality of Experience, even over mobile networks or other changing network conditions. Content can be downloaded faster and viewers can stream videos at higher quality while experiencing fewer re-buffers. Even in emerging regions where users often rely on older mobile networks for video streaming, Advanced Content Delivery Services deliver a significant improvement in the quality of the viewing experience.

Experience and Innovation

Unlike traditional CDN vendors who rely on third-party technologies for key components of their content delivery infrastructure, Limelight continues to invest in the development and optimization of its Advanced Content Delivery Services. This continued investment in the Limelight Orchestrate Platform lets Limelight deliver a superior user experience in a more secure content delivery infrastructure.