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ASN #22822

The world's largest, global private network for digital content delivery

Instant Global Scale

Spanning the globe with over 80 points-of-presence (PoPs) and 15 terabits per second of egress capacity, the Limelight network is more than capable of absorbing traffic spikes when your content is in high demand and storing massive amounts of data as your business needs evolve. Easily upload content wherever you are, and deliver it wherever your users are, without expensive data center buildouts and infrastructure management costs.

Architected for Speed

Unlike other leading CDNs, the Limelight network is densely architected; data centers are clustered around major metropolitan locations throughout the world, with direct connections to your users’ access networks in every region. This strategic design enables you to deliver large amounts of data with greater speed, and industry-leading cache efficiency means your content is consistently within the immediate reach of anyone, anywhere.

Built-in Security

Security is a given when your content travels on the privately owned and operated Limelight CDN. Rather than algorithmically routing your content around the hazards of the public Internet, Limelight helps you avoid them altogether. When an attack occurs, the Limelight network can absorb attack traffic while passing legitimate traffic through to your servers using our DDoS Attack Interceptor. Face the world’s most pressing security threats with the confidence that is only possible when you deliver with the world’s largest, private CDN.