Media and Broadcasters

Deliver broadcast-quality live and on-demand video to a global audience

For a video audience, it’s all about the experience

The Media and Broadcasting industry is undergoing dramatic changes in technology and business models. To stay competitive, you need flexibility in your video delivery infrastructure so you can go in whatever direction is required to satisfy and hold onto an audience. The Limelight Solution for Media and Broadcasters provides the tools you’ll need to manage and deliver live and on demand video with the best possible user experience to a global audience.

Limelight’s solution for Media and Broadcasters utilizes a variety of video workflow capabilities to help you:

Reduce Your Internal Workload

Flexible video ingest format options and cloud-based transcoding and transmuxing, offloads complex tasks and ensures delivery of the correct format to every device.

Simplify Video Publishing

Reduce video file storage requirements by converting files at time of request and delivering directly to the user.

Reduce your CapEx Investment

Leverage our cloud resources for content origin storage and CDN delivery to reduce your infrastructure investment.

Secure Content

Protect your media assets with a variety of security services available at global scale including SSL, Geo Fencing, Tokenization, and IP address list content access control, and website attack defenses through WAF and DDoS Attack Interceptor.

Platform choice + quality delivery = brand loyalty

Find out more about how the Limelight solution for Media and Broadcasters can help you deliver your media content cost effectively and flawlessly to audiences everywhere.


The Limelight solution for Media and Broadcasters provides the capabilities needed for the next generation of video content delivery and consumption. Video management services incorporate the workflow components for live and on demand video—from format conversion, device detection, media file replication, content security, and playback with analytics. 

The stakes are high—we won’t let your viewers down

Our Live Video Technology Solution is backed by proven expertise and thousands of hours of experience delivering some of the world’s largest online events. From the Olympics to presidential inaugurations, Limelight’s operational staff has demonstrated the capabilities needed to ensure your streaming goes off without a problem, scales to meet demand, and provides the broadcast quality experience your audience demands.

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