Live Video Streaming CDN

Stream your live event at low latency

Today’s viewers are tuning in from everywhere

Today’s live events are no longer confined to TV. Audiences are watching them from smart phones, PCs, laptops, tablets, and other types of devices. The challenge is being able to instantly create a TV broadcast-quality experience, while converting live streams on-the-fly into the right device formats. To deliver live streams that meet expectations means finding ways to overcome internet traffic obstacles for uninterrupted viewing. You also need to protect your content from piracy and capture it for a video-on-demand application.

Move to the Limelight solutions for Live Streaming Video to overcome these challenges and realize the following benefits:

Simplify Your Workflow

Detect viewer device types and convert streams on-the-fly at the time of request and deliver them directly to the user.

Reduce CapEx Infrastructure Costs

Leverage cloud-based transcoding and transmuxing capabilities provided by Limelight, and you won’t need to invest in additional resources to get your content to your audience’s devices.

Speed Time to Revenue

Reduce the time it takes to convert and deliver live streams so your audience can tune in faster, with Limelight’s powerful Content Delivery Network (CDN) and video workflow.

Ensure Higher Availability and Resiliency

Defend against DDoS attacks and provide multiple layers of content security with Limelight’s CDN and security features.

Global streaming + mobile device detection = more unique viewers

Learn how the Limelight solution for Live Streaming Video reduces workflow complexity while meeting the demands of device diversity.


Limelight’s solutions for Live Streaming Video provide a complete cloud-based, end-to-end workflow. Automatic transcoding and transmuxing on-the-fly to multiple formats simplifies content conversion. Low-latency streaming helps delivery of real-time live video events. Limelight’s CDN distributes your content globally and offers a comprehensive suite of security services to protect your video assets.

We’re there when the world is watching

From the Olympics to presidential inaugurations and NFL game streams, Limelight’s CDN delivers live video that starts up fast with no buffering, across a variety of devices including smart phones, tablets, laptops, Roku, Apple TV, and smart TVs. A great Limelight team works with you in the planning leading up to an event, and stays engaged during the broadcast to monitor and prevent issues from interrupting.

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