The world’s premier delivery platform, now even better

Limelight and EDGE GRAVITY have partnered to extend Limelight’s content delivery technology to the EDGE GRAVITY Unified Delivery Network (UDN). UDN is the underlying infrastructure that facilitates collaboration between service providers, content providers, and application providers. The combination of Limelight and EDGE GRAVITY offers content providers a digital distribution service with unmatched reach and performance, and provides a superior quality of experience to consumers of online content.

Expanded Reach

Limelight already owns and operates one of the world’s largest CDNs with >~120 points of presence (PoPs) around the globe. As Limelight’s technology is deployed across existing and future EDGE GRAVITY UDN PoPs, this global footprint will more than double, giving Limelight customers a direct presence in more locations than ever before.

Faster Performance

Limelight is a performance leader and with UDN that performance gets even better. The combination of Limelight and EDGE GRAVITY UDN places Limelight’s powerful caching software inside carrier networks around the world. The combination of a highly optimized caching engine deeply embedded in last-mile networks results in the lowest possible latency and a better experience for consumers of online content.

Greater Capacity

Limelight’s global private network features 50+ Tbps egress capacity with extensive annual growth. With UDN that growth will accelerate, supporting content providers with even the most aggressive growth profiles.

Expanded Reach + Faster Performance + Greater Capacity = Best Experience for your customers, wherever in the world they are.

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