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IoT and Edge Cloud

When Milliseconds Matter

Managing the Growth of IoT Data

As enterprises rapidly transform routine tasks like inventory and energy management, predictive maintenance, and sensor health monitoring by implementing new digital solutions, efficiently managing and analyzing the massive volumes of IoT data being generated creates new challenges. Traditional cloud architectures offering centralized compute capabilities require IoT data to be transported and processed in centralized locations remote to the collection and analysis. This introduces latency that negatively impacts real time actions.

To increase efficiency, reduce unplanned downtime, improve customer experiences, and drive innovation, IoT business owners need global connectivity for local, low-latency ingest and compute of datasets and objects being collected by broadly deployed devices without the costs associated with the proliferation of gateway devices.

Limelight Edge Cloud

Limelight Networks helps you ride the economic curves of the centralized cloud architectures without unacceptable latency seen in today’s deployments. Unlike traditional cloud service providers who rely on the congested public internet to transfer your critical data, Limelight operates one of the world’s largest private networks with the local ingestion, global capacity, and edge services to support the largest IoT projects. Our QoS-enabled high-speed private fiber backbone is isolated from the public internet, providing unmatched performance in a secure environment. Limelight Networks connects global data ingestion with analysis to provide timely predictable action. Limelight Edge Cloud offers the following:


Latencies associated with long-distance data transfers to remote data centers can have a significant impact on applications that rely on real-time data for analysis and decision making. Limelight’s global private network offers the scale and reach you need to minimize latencies associated with typical cloud infrastructures by reducing the distance between your sources of data and the network edge. Our global private network includes 80+ Points of Presence (PoPs) in more than 40 metropolitan locations covering every region of the world. By strategically locating PoPs across the globe and through peering connections to more than 900 ISPs and leading public cloud providers, Limelight eliminates the latencies associated with sending information to distant data centers and enables critical real-time data processing and analysis.


As IoT devices continue to generate data at a rapidly growing rate, you need an infrastructure that has the local capacity to securely and reliably ingest all of this data, no matter where it is being generated or consumed. Limelight’s network offers more than 33+ Tbps of global ingress and egress capacity. No matter where your devices are located or how much data they are generating, Limelight’s massive network has the capacity to seamlessly absorb traffic spikes and support the most onerous demands.


Relying on the public internet to support your critical IoT workflows can cause major challenges. When your applications are connected across multiple physical locations or you need to aggregate edge data to a centralized cloud compute facility, internet congestion and slowdowns can significantly impact your success. In addition, using the internet exposes your critical data to potential security issues, increasing your business risk. Limelight owns and operates one of the world's largest private networks, which results in superior performance in a more secure infrastructure. Our QoS and 100% TLS/SSL enabled private network utilizes 100Gig fiber backbone links to connect our global PoPs. Limelight’s private network bypasses internet congestion and isolates your data from cybersecurity issues.


Sending all of your IoT data to a single centralized location for processing is inefficient and introduces unnecessary delays to the user experience. Limelight’s distributed services and Edge Analytics make it easy to process, analyze, and aggregate information close to where it is being generated. Limelight reduces the cost and complexity of processing and analyzing IoT data.


Centralized cloud storage systems force you to transfer and store content in a single location. However, when your data sources are not all located near your central compute location, data must travel long distances and endure transfer delay. Limelight’s distributed object storage is collocated in the same PoPs that are utilized to ingest and process your IoT data. Data can be quickly and easily stored in a local PoP close to the data source or transferred to a centralized location using Limelight’s high-speed private fiber backbone that bypasses the public internet. Limelight offers the fastest storage performance with the flexibility to support distributed storage workflows.


Your IoT infrastructure is critical to the success of your business. You need a partner with the knowledge, experience, and commitment to help you succeed. Limelight delivers expertise in real time applications, compute, and storage, along with industry-leading free unrestricted 24/7/365 live customer support with in-region language assistance for key languages to help you respond to any challenge. Our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center has extensive experience managing and operating one of the largest global networks and is always there to ensure your efficient operation. At Limelight Networks, every team member is focused on delivering a better experience, so you can take on new challenges with confidence.

Limelight provides a fast and secure infrastructure that eliminates the cost and complexity of using traditional cloud computing environments for low-latency data processing. By collecting data at the network edge, the latency required to move data to a central location is significantly reduced. Distributed edge computing resources integrated with Limelight’s secure global private network allow data to be processed close to the source, eliminating latencies and enabling realtime and highly interactive applications. Limelight provides a fully-integrated set of scalable and cost-effective distributed edge services that help you solve any IoT challenge.

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