IoT and Edge Compute

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The Challenges of Deploying Real Time Workflows in the Cloud

In today’s hyper-connected world, speed matters. Whether it is real time communication between people or the processing of critical IoT data, responsive connectivity is the key. However, traditional cloud architectures centralize processing for applications in cloud-based mega data centers and the distance between the data center and the user or data source can create significant latencies. While the cloud excels at performing complex computations, sending data from each device to traditional cloud data centers for ingest and processing is simply too slow for real time workflows.

Reducing Latency with Limelight’s Edge Cloud

Limelight’s edge cloud eliminates the delays inherent in using traditional cloud computing environments for low-latency IoT and real time applications. Our QoS-enabled global private network offers the scale and reach you need to reduce the distance between your sources of data and the network edge. Our private fiber backbone is isolated from the public internet and provides high-speed connectivity between about 140 Points of Presence (PoPs) covering every region of the world with connections to more than 1,000 ISPs and leading public cloud providers.

Distributed edge computing, storage, and analytics capabilities allow data to be processed close to the source, eliminating latencies and enabling real time and highly interactive applications. It dramatically improves the user experience by moving processing power from a central point to the network edge. Data no longer has to wind its way through the internet back to a central location that, in most cases, is not close to the device or user. Everything is monitored by Limelight’s global Network Operations Center and includes free unrestricted 24/7/365 live customer support to ensure your continued success.

Limelight’s Edge Cloud Was Designed for Real Time Applications Such As:

IoT Industrial Inspection and Monitoring

Inspecting and monitoring critical infrastructure such as pipelines and power lines requires the ability to ingest and process large amounts of data from sensors and drones in real time to identify anomalies that require further investigation. Limelight has about 140 points of presence strategically located around the globe that offer real time processing and analysis of IoT sensor data. By shortening the distance between the infrastructure being inspected and the location where data is analyzed and processed, Limelight enables real time industrial inspection and monitoring that reduces costs and minimizes downtime.

Security and Public Safety

When lives are on the line, security and public safety solutions need to instantly analyze and process information to ensure first-responders have the most accurate understanding of the situation. Real time data from gunshot detection systems, alarms, and video surveillance cameras must be instantly ingested and processed to quickly detect potential security events, analyze the situation, and alert the appropriate resources. Limelight’s edge cloud enables responsive real time analysis of situational data using edge computing resources located near the event and provides extensive last-mile connectivity across multiple ISPs without a large CapEx investment.

Online Gaming

Online gaming companies need to provide the fastest possible response times for their interactive gaming customers to maximize user experience. Limelight’s edge cloud provides gaming companies with a global private network that is connected to all major ISPs and end-user networks and offers edge compute resources that allow distributed applications to be deployed closer to gamers. Limelight enables the fastest real time and interactive online experiences that keep gamers coming back for more.

Unified Communications

Online conferencing users expect great quality and performance every time – wherever they are located. However, long load times, rebuffering, or delayed audio caused by network latency can damage the user experience, leading to expensive support tickets and potentially high customer churn rates. Limelight’s edge cloud dramatically reduces network latency with global connectivity and a private network backbone that enables consistently fast performance that delivers positive end-user experiences worldwide.

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Limelight’s edge cloud eliminates the challenges of using traditional cloud environments for low-latency and real time workflows and allows organizations to spend their time, effort, and money growing their businesses instead of scaling their underlying infrastructure.


Shortcomings of the Public Cloud

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