Delivering the best gaming experiences to a global audience

The right infrastructure means “game on”

When your game is released, you need a solution that’s ready to deliver millions of copies—fast. It not only needs to scale at launch, it needs to flex for those unexpected spikes in demand. Equally important, your gaming infrastructure should support your video and content-sharing strategy. If it can help protect you from malicious website attacks, especially during critical launch periods, all the better.

Limelight's solution for Gaming meets all these challenges and provides the following benefits:

Fast Downloads

Eliminate one of the most frustrating aspects of game play—slow downloads!

Simplified Video Sharing and Streaming Video Delivery

Deliver your game videos anywhere in the globe on virtually any device, to your gamers or Esports fans, without the need for additional encoders or other specialized equipment.

Cloud Leverage

We provide delivery, storage, and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection services from the cloud, so you never have to make a large capital investment in infrastructure.

Enhanced Monetization

Our global Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensures full monetization of your game assets with scalable, high capacity delivery of your beta, gold copy, and DLC.

Secure Delivery

Choose from a range of security options including geo-fencing, SSL, DDoS attack mitigation, and others, to protect your game delivery and game website.

Major releases + reliable global delivery = game success

Deliver your titles and DLC at scale, reliably, and consistently anywhere around the globe. Stream your gamer videos to fans watching from anywhere on the globe. Limelight's solution for Gaming and the Limelight Advanced Services team are ready to make downloading and enjoying your game a great experience for your gamers.


Limelight's solution for Gaming uses the world’s leading private CDN to ensure reliable global delivery. Our Origin Storage Services enhance your download performance and help you manage and share game or video files. Video streaming services offer broadcast-quality live or on-demand video sharing. Automatic device detection is built in so you can stream to mobile phones, PCs or tablets anywhere in the world. And you can protect your game website from malicious DDoS attacks with a robust set of Cloud Security Services.

Experienced support services that design in success

Limelight works with some of the largest gaming companies in the world to ensure the success of their game launches and delivery of their ongoing content. Our experienced service teams will help you with setup and implementation of a secure, scalable game distribution solution or live streaming your video content. Limelight’s commitment to you doesn’t stop with setup. Our 24/7/365 network operations center (NOC) is also there to ensure your gamers have the best possible experience.

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