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  • Unlimited storage capacity for 2 months – free!
  • No-cost content migration assistance.
  • We'll price-match your effective origin storage rate if you continue using Limelight Origin Storage.
  • No commits and no start up fees
  • Automatic, cost-free storage replication globally
  • Unrestricted 24x7x365 live customer support


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Dramatically improve your CDN performance with Limelight Origin Storage. And for a limited time, we’ll match your existing origin storage pricing!


When customers stream your videos, visit your website or download files, the efficiency with which that content is retrieved from storage and delivered is vital to the quality of their experiences. But in many content delivery network (CDN) environments, origin storage is the weakest link, a critical but underappreciated element in the content delivery workflow.


Limelight Networks is dedicated to continuously improving every aspect of content delivery, and that includes developing Limelight Origin Storage, a solution that is tightly integrated with our own CDN and optimized for superior performance with all CDNs.


Check out the Limelight Origin Storage No-Risk Trial to see how you can put this solution to the test with two months of unlimited storage—free!*

As the most automated and efficient cloud storage solution, Limelight Origin Storage provides:

  • Automatic, no-cost replication for high availability and redundancy.
  • Performance improvements of up to 92%, according to independent performance monitor Cedexis.1 (Limelight’s own internal testing has seen improvements of up to 200%!)
  • Regional replication policies streamline content placement close to your audience, reducing the operational costs and accelerating content delivery.
  • Intelligent Ingest, a powerful feature which automates and simplifies the migration of content to Limelight Origin Storage.
  • Flexible content upload capabilities from locations worldwide using a web-based GUI, Limelight's API which supports multi-part uploads, Aspera, and legacy protocols including FTP, SCP, SFTP, RSYNC, and FTP-SSL.
  • High speed content retrieval, thanks to tight integration with Limelight’s high- performance CDN.
  • Support for multi-CDN environments.


We are so confident that Limelight Origin Storage will improve your content delivery, simplify your workflow and reduce management overhead that we are making it as easy and risk-free as possible for you to try it.


1Public data from independent real user measurement solution Cedexis from January 1 to March 23, 2017

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