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File Distribution

Lower your risk and increase your downloads

The world's top brands trust Limelight

High availability file distribution that lets you reach your customers everywhere

Customers are relying on your latest updates to run their businesses. The file distribution solution you implement needs to operate flawlessly around the clock, providing secure, timely delivery. And as business needs change, the file distribution system you choose needs to change with it, adapting to new time frames, billing modules, and capacity requirements.

File Downloads

Mobile? Video? Personalized content? No problem.

Limelight solution for File Distribution meet these challenges and allow you to:

Operate 24/7/365

The Limelight Content Delivery Network (CDN) offers a high availability, global distribution network.

Lower Your Risk

Limelight has extensive experience implementing file distribution solutions into new and existing workflows without interrupting business operations.

Stop Worrying About File Size

Your files may be growing in size, but the Limelight CDN handles any file size and scales to deliver millions of copies in a short timeframe.

Stay Flexible

You can change your configurations, delivery timeframes, and capacity requirements fast and easily so that your distribution system is always in sync with billing and marketing initiatives.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

Choose from a range of security features that keep your assets more secure than the public Internet delivery.

Proven workflow + high availability = worry-free distribution

Learn how the Limelight solution for File Distribution keep your customers satisfied with no interruption to their publication, software, gaming, or device-update services.

Limelight solution for File Distribution start with any file size, and allow ingest from any location. Using a global network of POPs, Limelight’s CDN delivers files in milliseconds. Highly efficient edge caching ensures requests for specific files are met even faster. You can customize your interface with open or proprietary download managers.

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We make your digital distribution strategy work seamlessly

Limelight works with some of the world’s largest appliance manufacturers, publishers, and game publishers to deliver millions of files every day. Limelight CDN is not just a supplier, but a partner in your business operations. Our deep expertise in design and setup have you up and running in no time, and our dedicated Network Operating Center keeps site traffic flowing 24/7/365.