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Content Delivery Services

Simplify and enhance the content delivery process

The world's top brands trust Limelight

Integrated capabilities that simplify and enhance the content delivery process

Whether it’s your website, videos, music, software, or games, your content needs to reach customers quickly, reliably, and securely. Limelight Content Delivery Services provide higher performing, cost-effective content delivery, ensuring a better experience for you and your customers.


SmartPurge executes requests immediately, at global scale

Content Delivery Services leverage the power of the Limelight Orchestrate Platform to simplify and enhance the process of managing and delivering the next great digital experience to your customers. Key features include:


The revolutionary SmartPurge content invalidation capability provides next-generation CDN purging at global scale. SmartPurge works in near realtime to remove stale content from the access path of users with rich functionality that is accessible programmatically via APIs or through a graphical user interface. Accurately predict which objects will be purged and verify purge effectiveness with comprehensive reports.

Origin Shield

Improve user experience and handle virtually unlimited scale. Limelight combines origin shield and access protection with ultra-fast shield startup and multiple layers of protection. Protect both live and on-demand workflows and accelerate multi-CDN delivery.

ARC Light

ARC Light enables the Content Delivery Services to bring compute to the edge. User request and origin responses are modified in realtime to increase speed to content and offload complex business logic from your application infrastructure. Gain instant scale for common application functions, close to your users.

Last-Mile Acceleration

Accelerate content delivery between the client and the CDN edge through a variety of techniques including TCP optimizations, compression, and persistent connections—all resulting in an improved user experience.

Content Access Control

Protect your content from unauthorized access using features including IP access controls, MediaVault URL tokenization, geo-fencing, and support for CORS headers. All of these capabilities are available within our global, SSL-enabled content delivery service.

Traffic Director

Easy to implement DNS-based solution for traffic routing, management, and load-balancing end-user requests to your origin servers and other IP resources. It's simple to implement, and changes are propagated in near realtime. It allows granular control over the traffic shape, failover origins, and even multi-CDN routing workflows.


Learn more about how the Limelight Orchestrate Platform integrates a massive global private infrastructure, advanced content delivery capabilities, and support services to help you deliver the best online experiences.

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Next-generation CDN purging system, specifically architected to execute purges rapidly and at global scale, without the hassle and limitations of traditional CDN purging methods

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Enhancing your brand reputation with rapid response to queries for the highest user quality of experience