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Limelight Content Delivery Network Services

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Delivering digital content requires infrastructure that can work thousands of miles away and right next door. Whether it’s your website, videos, music, software or games, it needs to reach your customers fast, reliably and securely. Your infrastructure needs to ensure customer satisfaction while protecting your digital assets, and adapting to changing business requirements. In an increasingly mobile world, content needs to reach your customers on whatever device and connection they choose. Last but not least, the network you choose should offer you dedicated service without compromise.


SmartPurge executes requests immediately, at global scale

Limelight’s cloud-based Content Delivery Services leverages the world’s largest private Content Delivery Network (CDN) to help you meet these challenges. Key features include:

ARC Light

Custom rules executed by the Limelight Content Delivery Network (CDN) server handling user requests, makes real-time modifications to speed connections to content, offloading complex data manipulations from your application infrastructure.

Edge Caching

Objects stored in one of thousands of edge servers around the globe provide near-instantaneous retrieval of content for a better user experience. Limelight’s CDN features industry-leading cache efficiency that is augmented by the integrated Limelight Origin Storage Services to provide better object retrieval for both popular and long-tail content such as full-length films.

Last-Mile Acceleration

Accelerate content delivery between the client and the CDN edge through a variety of techniques including TCP optimizations, compression, and persistent connections—resulting in an improved user experience.

Global Footprint

Massively provisioned delivery centers, interconnected via a private fiber-optic network, allow you to place your content closer to your users, ensuring better digital experiences by reducing latency and round trips to origin.


Sometimes you have to instantly remove incorrect or outdated content from cache. SmartPurge, Limelight’s revolutionary content invalidation system, immediately renders your selected content globally inaccessible—regardless of other services or configurations. SmartPurge prevents your audience from accessing files even as they are being physically removed from the global network.

Rate Limiting

Content with high abandon rates, such as video and social media, can be rate limited, capping the data transfer rate allocated to each delivery. If a viewer stops watching a video early, you’ve only delivered the portion viewed, keeping the network clear of congestion, and you pay only for what the user viewed.


These, along with optional enhancements, allow you to build a robust global infrastructure for content delivery that scales easily while meeting your precise business needs.

Data Sheet: Limelight Content Delivery Services

Delivery of any kind of digital content—video, images, files, music, games, websites—to virtually any device, anywhere in the world.

Data Sheet: SmartPurge

Next-generation CDN purging system, specifically architected to execute purges rapidly and at global scale, without the hassle and limitations of traditional CDN purging methods.

Data Sheet: Limelight Orchestrate Platform

Cloud-based software for which individual features and capabilities can be configured with API access for programmatic integration, near real-time analytics on content consumption, and traffic delivery.