Conversation with Dan Rayburn


John Yacano, Regional Marketing Specialist

July 30, 2020

Dan Rayburn on the State of Online Video Streaming in 2020

We're excited to launch a new podcast series, CDN Insights, which explores topics tailored for the CDN industry with a focus on trends, key developments and best practices in the video delivery and video streaming space. For our first episode, I had a conversation with Frost and Sullivan Streaming Media analyst, Dan Rayburn, and discussed a recent survey he conducted on the current state of video streaming. You can listen to our conversation on the player below.

CDN Insights: Ep. 1 - The State of Online Video Streaming

For the survey, Dan asked video streaming professionals how their video traffic has changed in recent months and what video delivery challenges they’ve been facing as a result of the pandemic. The survey revealed that the number of video viewing hours has increased for over 48% of respondents in the last three months, and the total number of bits delivered has increased for 57% of respondents in the same time frame. 26% of those who saw an increase of bits delivered claimed that the total number was up 25% or more. Click here to view all of the results from the survey.


Throughout our conversation, Dan provides listeners with a unique perspective on how and why the video streaming industry has shifted in 2020. Dan also sheds light on the key findings from the survey and what they mean as we move forward through the pandemic. Dan states the following:

"So the real question a lot of people are asking is what happens when things start to open up in some places over some period of time? Are we still going to have this big surge in video consumption with fewer people working from home? And nobody knows the answer to that, right? We have no prior year data that we can look back on and say well, when this happened in the past here's what happens. So this is new to us, it's a new world that we're operating in from a business environment."


So, if you haven't yet, make sure to go and listen to the podcast above to hear my entire conversation with Dan Rayburn.