The State of Online Video 2019

Blog Post by Charlie Kraus

November 18th, 2019

The results are in and one thing is loud and clear in our State of Online Video 2019 report, people around the world are watching more online video than ever before. In fact, online video viewing is up 59 percent since 2016 to an average of six hours 48 minutes per person As adoption has grown, so has consumer expectations for a high-quality online viewing experience.



Figure 1: How many total hours of video content do you watch online each week (by year)?

Key Insights

The most interesting insights uncovered in the report include specific viewing habits such as binge-watching video, the switch to smartphones as most popular devices to watch online video, and that online video consumption is closing the gap with broadcast video.

Binge-Watching Increases

Binge-watching is on the rise and it's a popular activity around the world. The global average is two hours, 40 minutes at a time, an 18 percent increase in the past year. Binge-watching times are longest in the U.S., at over three hours, and the largest increases occurred in France and the U.K.



Figure 37: How long do you typically spend binge-watching an online series in one sitting (by year)?

A Shift to Mobile-First Viewing

Globally, smartphones are now the primary device that consumers use to watch online video, followed by computers. This shift to mobile-first consumption occurred in the last year, and will have implications across many aspects of online video viewing.



Figure 17: How much of your online video viewing is on the following devices? (Scale 0-4)

Online Video Viewing Closing the Gap vs. Broadcast Video

The gap between broadcast viewing and online vides is closing. Broadcast viewing declined 10 percent globally in the past year, while online consumption grew.



Figure 6: How many total hours of video do you watch each week?


Viewers age 35 and younger have already not only closed the gap, but now watch more online video than traditional broadcast video.



Figure 4: How many total hours of video content do you watch online each week (by age)?



Figure 8: How many total hours of video content do you watch online each week (by age)?


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